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  • 3500B Engines
  • Description of Change: The following changes have been made in order to improve the service life of fuel injectors in 3500B Engines:

    • A new material for the fuel injector tip is being used.

    • A coating has been added to the plunger of the fuel injector.

    • A new solenoid valve for the fuel injector is being used.

    Table 1 lists a recent history of improvements to 3500B fuel injectors.

    The "New" part numbers that are listed in the "Latest" column are the current part numbers. For example, 162-8813 Fuel Injector Gp has been cancelled and replaced by the 229-0197 Fuel Injector Gp. The 229-0197 Fuel Injector Gp has been cancelled and replaced by the 250-1300 Fuel Injector Gp .

    Adaptable To: The changes are adaptable to all 3500B Engines.

    Table 1
    Recent History of 3500B Fuel Injectors    
    Former     Recent
    September 2003
    Injector with coated plunger and improved tip    
    March 2004
    Change to Solenoid Valve    
    New     REMAN     New     REMAN     New     REMAN    
    162-8813     0R-9944     229-0197     10R-1284     250-1300     10R-1284    
    164-7905     None     229-0198     None     250-1301     None    
    172-4676     None     229-0201     10R-1303     250-1302     10R-1303    
    172-4677     0R-9796     229-0202     10R-1276     250-1303     10R-1276    
    172-4675     10R-1255     229-0200     10R-1278     250-1304     10R-1278    
    NA         244-7748     None     250-1305     None    
    162-8809     0R-8688     229-0194     10R-1288     250-1306     10R-1288    
    172-4672     0R-7977     229-0199     10R-1277     250-1307     10R-1277    
    162-8810     0R-7780     229-0195     10R-1280     250-1308     10R-1280    
    204-2067     None     229-0203     None     250-1309     None    
    NA         227-2176     None     250-1310     None    
    150-4453     0R-8619     229-0190     10R-1279     250-1311     10R-1279    
    150-4455     0R-8215     229-0192     10R-1275     250-1312     10R-1275    
    150-4454     0R-9735     229-0191     10R-1285     250-1313     10R-1285    
    150-4456     0R-8690     229-0193     10R-1290     250-1314     10R-1290    
    162-8811     0R-8691     229-0196     10R-1291     250-1315     10R-1291    

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