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ADAPTER 3236953 - Caterpillar

3236953 ADAPTER Caterpillar parts ADAPTER
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Caterpillar 3236953 ADAPTER
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Illustration 45 g00523035
(D) 1U-7606 Servo Block (E) 1U-7277 Pin Punch (73) Clevis
Position Tool (D) on the side so the notch is facing upward. Place the governor output servo so the sleeve is in the recess of Tool (D). The clevis end of the governor output servo should be located on the side of Tool (D). Rotate the assembly so spring pin (74) is facing upward. Use Tool (E) to press spring pin (74) through both parts.
Illustration 46 g00523042
(D) 1U-7606 Servo Block (F) 1U-7635 Clevis Driver (71) Servo piston (73) Clevis
Position Tool (D) on the end so the notch end is facing upward. Hold the governor output servo so the clevis is pointing downward. Slide sleeve (70) down the clevis as far as possible. Do not force the sleeve. Slide the entire assembly into Tool (D) from the open side. Position the assembly so the flange with the large diameter on servo piston (71) rests on the top surface of Tool (D) .
Slide the 1U-7635 Clevis Driver (Tool (F) ) over the end of servo valve (72). Position the driver so the end with the smaller diameter is against the shoulder of servo valve (72). Press against the end of the driver until clevis (73) is removed from the governor output servo.
Remove sleeve (70), servo valve (72), O-ring seal (75) and tolerance ring (76) .
Inspect all parts for wear or damage. If the parts are worn or damaged, use new parts for replacement.
Illustration 47 g00523192
Remove retaining clip (77) .
Illustration 48 g00523193
Remove washer (79), limit lever assembly (78), and spring (80). Inspect the condition of limit lever (78) .
Illustration 49 g00523194
Remove one bolt (83). Remove bracket (82) and fuel ratio control valve (81) .
Illustration 50 g00523195
Remove fuel ratio control lever assembly (84). Do not remove shaft (85) from the governor front housing.
Illustration 51 g00523196
Remove O-ring seal (86) from fuel ratio control valve (81). Check the O-ring seal for wear or damage. If the O-ring seal is worn or damaged, use a new part for replacement.Note: The fuel ratio control valve is not serviceable. Do not disassemble the fuel ratio control valve beyond this point.Note: The following steps are for the disassembly of the C spring on Type I governors.
Illustration 52 g00523197
Remove bolt (87) and the sleeve assembly that holds cover (88) in position. Remove cover (88) .
Personal injury can result from being struck by parts propelled by a released spring force.Make sure to wear all necessary protective equipment.Follow the recommended procedure and use all recommended tooling to release the spring force.
Illustration 53 g00523198
Remove C spring (89) carefully in order to avoid personal injury.
Illustration 54 g00523199
Remove drive gear (90) .Note: Inspect the cam on the fuel transfer pump. If the cam has excessive wear, it will be necessary to replace the entire drive assembly.Note: Inspect all of the parts of the governor upon disassembly. For information on reusability of components in the governor, refer to Guideline For Reusable Parts And Salvage Operations, SEBF8434, "3100 Governor Inspection and General Information for Mechanical Governor Groups Used in 3114, 3116,

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