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BATTERY GP 2500479 - Caterpillar

2500479 BATTERY GP Caterpillar parts BATTERY
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2500479 BATTERY GP
Weight: 94 pounds 42 kg.

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Gear Selection
Gear Selection - Maximize the amount of work that is to be accomplished by selecting the best gear for the load.The chart below shows that for certain loads, the machine will move faster in first gear than it will in second gear.
Illustration 1 g00576891General Rule for Gear Selection While Dozing - If the transmission is shifted into a higher gear and the machine slows down, return to the previous gear.Angle Blade
Illustration 2 g00522781
Angle dozers are excellent for widening fills, backfilling ditches, or windrowing material in one direction while maintaining forward motion.
The machine can be equipped with two hydraulic cylinders so that the dozer can be tilted from the operators compartment. For machines equipped with manual tilt, refer to Machine Adjustments in the Operation Section of this manual.U and SU Dozer Blade Pitch
Illustration 3 g02082015
(N) Neutral
(R) Retracted
(E) Extended The NEUTRAL position works well in most materials and applications. The NEUTRAL position provides equal blade tilt to the right and to the left.The EXTENDED position pitches the blade forward improving penetration for faster loading in hard to penetrate materials.The RETRACTED position pitches the blade back and enhances dozer carry.Refer to Machine Adjustments in the Operating Section of this manual.Straight Dozing
Illustration 4 g00040620Straight Dozing - Maintain a level cut for the best performance. Fill the bulldozer blade. Carry the load to the dump.
Avoid lugging or stalling the machine.
Avoid excessive spinning of the track.
If turning the machine with a loaded blade is necessary, use the bulldozer tilt cylinders instead of the steering lever in order to steer the machine.When you are performing levelling work, a full bulldozer blade manages better than a partially loaded bulldozer blade.Slot Dozing
Illustration 5 g00040626Slot Dozing - When you trap material in a slot, you can carry larger loads in front of the bulldozer blade.The depth of the slot should not be deeper than the top corner of the bulldozer blade.
Illustration 6 g00040622Start the slot at the dump end of the work area and work rearward. This is shown in figure (A). This technique permits loading downhill and carrying the load on a level surface. Working from the rear of the work area to the dump end, as shown in figure (B) is not as efficient as the technique shown in figure (A). In figure (B), the machine is loading uphill and does not utilize the slot. Level dozing through the entire work area is inefficient, due to the longer distance of the push.
Illustration 7 g00040628When you are digging parallel slots, the center should be removed from the rear. This procedure permits the operator to maintain a slot until the center is removed. The center berm should be no wider than necessary to stand alone. Maximum width should be approximately 1/3 of the bulldozer blade.Machine on a Slope
Illustration 8 g00040630When possible, work on a slope vertically. This method is better than working horizontally.When you are working on slopes, use caution. Avoid tipping the machine.If the machine starts to sideslip on a slope, lighten the load and turn the machine downhill.If you are working horizontally on

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