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BEARING- 3728409 - Caterpillar

3728409 BEARING- Caterpillar parts BEARING
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3728409 BEARING-
Weight: 2 pounds 1 kg.

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Table 1
Required Tools
Tool Part Number Part Description Qty
A 177-8001 Pilot Sleeve 2
B 249-2936 Adapter 1
C 274-7932(1) or 274-7933(2) Guide 1
(1) Front Removal
(2) Rear RemovalStart By:
Remove the rocker arms and the rocker shafts. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Rocker Arm and Shaft - Remove".
Keep all parts clean from contaminants.Contaminants may cause rapid wear and shortened component life.
Do not turn the crankshaft or the camshaft while the camshaft gear is removed. If the rear gear group is not correctly timed during installation, interference can occur between the pistons and the valves, resulting in damage to the engine.
Care must be used when removing or installing the camshaft. Do not damage the finished surfaces of the camshaft or the camshaft bearings.
Drain the coolant from the cooling system into a suitable container for storage or disposal. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Cooling System Coolant - Change".
Illustration 1 g01194576
Remove bolts (2) and washers (3).
Remove cover (1) and the O-ring seal.
Illustration 2 g01194581
Remove bolts (4). Remove gear (5).
Illustration 3 g01194585
Remove bolts (6), thrust plate (7), and adapter assembly (8).
Illustration 4 g01194626
Use bolt (6) in order to remove sealing plate (9). Remove the O-ring seals.
Illustration 5 g01194930
Remove bolts (11) and washers (12). Remove cover (10) and the O-ring seal.
Illustration 6 g01194932
Remove bolts (13) and damper (14).
Illustration 7 g01194933
Remove bolts (15). Remove sealing plate (16) and adapter assembly (17).
Illustration 8 g01194934
Install Tooling (A) and Tooling (B) on the rear of camshaft (18). Install Tooling (A) on the front of camshaft (18).
Install Tooling (C) on the front housing or the rear housing. Tooling (C) is used to support the camshaft. Note: It is necessary to install Tooling (A) and Tooling (B) on the camshaft. Tooling (A) and Tooling (B) will support the camshaft as the camshaft is moved out of the cylinder head and into Tooling (C). Align the camshaft with the bore of Tooling (C).Note: Avoid lifting the camshaft. The camshaft should rest on Tooling (A) and Tooling (B). Lifting of the camshaft can cause misalignment as the camshaft is removed, resulting in damage to the camshaft bearings.
Carefully slide the camshaft out of the cylinder head for removal. Use two technicians to remove the camshaft. Keep the camshaft level while the camshaft is being removed from the cylinder head. The weight of the camshaft is approximately 35 kg (77 lb). Note: Rotate the camshaft during removal. This will prevent the camshaft from binding in the camshaft bearings.

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