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BLADE & EDGE 4Z9361 - Caterpillar

4Z9361 BLADE & EDGE Caterpillar parts BLADE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 4Z9361 BLADE & EDGE
Weight: 0.21 pounds 0 kg.

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The inputs describe the status of the machine systems. Two types of inputs exist. The inputs can be either a switch type or a sensor type. Switches provide an open, a ground, or a + battery signal to the inputs of the controller. Sensors (frequency, PWM, or voltage) provide a changing signal to the sensor inputs of the controller.Temperature Sensors
Hydraulic Oil Temperature Sensor
Illustration 2 g02108634
Hydraulic Oil Temperature Sensor
The temperature sensor for the hydraulic oil informs the ECM of the temperature of the hydraulic system oil.The sensor is designed internally to change resistance based on the temperature of the hydraulic oil. The transmission ECM uses up a pull resistor to receive sensor voltage and convert the voltage to a temperature reading. The resistance range for this sensor is 33,650 ohms at −40° C (−40° F)to 18.6 ohms at 150° C (302° F).Switches
Key Switch
Illustration 3 g03096077The key switch is an input to the ECM. Power is supplied to the ECM from the key switch. Power is supplied to the ECM from the key switch when the key switch is in the START or RUN position.The key switch is a switch to battery input and is active when the key switch is in the START or RUN position. When the key switch is turned to START, the ECM receives a + battery signal from the key switch. If all start interlocks are satisfied, the ECM will send a + battery signal to the start relay to start the engine.Body Up/Retract Switch
Illustration 4 g03511317The body up/retract switch is a magnetic switch that informs the ECM if the body of the machine is up or down.Note: The switch will also inform the ECM if the ejector blade is retracted or not for ejector machines.Hydraulic Tank Filter Bypass Switch
Illustration 5 g03015918The bypass switch is a pressure switch that shows whether the filter is plugged and the filter is being bypassed. This switch is normally closed. When the filter becomes plugged, the pressure of the oil opens the switch which allows the oil to bypass the filter.This switch is one of the inputs that is used to drive the "system indicator" in the instrument cluster. This indicator is turned ON when the "Hydraulic Tank Filter Bypass" switch is in the open position and the pilot oil temperature is greater than 121° 3°C (250° 5°F) with the engine running.Outputs
The ECMs respond to decisions by sending electrical signals to the outputs. The outputs can create an action or the outputs can provide information to the operator or the service technician.Solenoids
Illustration 6 g03510996Hoist Raise Solenoid
The hoist raise solenoid controls the speed of the bed cylinders as the bed of the truck is raised (ejected for ejector models).Hoist Lower Solenoid
The hoist lower solenoid controls the speed of the bed cylinders as the bed of the truck is lowered (retracted for ejector models).Data Link
Cat Data Link
The Cat Data Link is an input/output of the ECM. The data link uses the connector for the service port to communicate with the Caterpillar Electronic Technician. A

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