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Cooling System
Never add coolant to an overheated engine; allow the engine to cool first.Check the specific gravity of the antifreeze solution frequently in cold weather to ensure adequate protection.If the machine is to be stored in, or shipped to, an area with below freezing temperatures; the cooling system must be protected against freezing to the lowest expected outside temperature.All water is corrosive at engine operating temperature. The cooling system should be protected with a 3% to 6% concentration of cooling system conditioner at all times regardless of the concentration of antifreeze.Do not use Caterpillar Cooling System Conditioner or Coolant Conditioner Elements with Dowtherm 209 Full-Fill coolant. Follow the instructions provided with the Dowtherm 209 Full-Fill coolant.
Coolant should be drained and replaced "Every 2000 Service Hours or 1 Year." However, when Cooling System Conditioner additions are made every 250 service hours as recommended, the drain period can be extended to "4000 Service Hours or 2 Years."A 3% to 6% concentration of Caterpillar Cooling System Conditioner can be maintained by adding conditioner as follows. Premix antifreeze solution to provide protection to the lowest expected outside temperature. Pure undiluted antifreeze will freeze at -23°C (-10°F).Use clean water that is low in scale forming mineral. Do not use softened water.Filling at over 20 liters (5 U.S. gallons) per minute can cause air pockets in the cooling system.After draining and refilling the cooling system, run the engine with the filler cap off until the coolant level stabilizes. Add coolant as necessary to fill the system.The engine cooling system is protected to -28°C (-20°F), with permanent type antifreeze, when shipped from the factory.Operate with a thermostat in the cooling system all year-round. Cooling system problems can arise without a thermostat.Fuel System
Fill the fuel tank at the end of each day of operation to drive out moist air and to prevent condensation. Do not fill the tank to the top. The fuel expands as it gets warm and may overflow.
Do not fill the fuel filters with fuel before installing them. Contaminated fuel will cause accelerated wear to the fuel system parts.
Check the fuel level with the dipstick in the filter opening. Pump water and sediment from the fuel tank as required by prevailing conditions.Water and sediment should be pumped from the fuel tank at the start of a shift, or after the fuel tank has been filled and allowed to stand for 5 to 10 minutes.After changing fuel filters, always bleed the fuel system to remove air bubbles from system.Drain water and sediment from any fuel storage tank weekly, and before the tank is refilled. This will help prevent water or sediment from being pumped from the storage tank into the machine fuel tank.Use only fuel as recommended in the "Fuels, Coolant and Lubricant Specifications" section of this Guide.Hydraulic System
Make-up oil added to the hydraulic system must mix with the oil already in the tank. Use only petroleum products unless the system is equipped for use with special products.Water or air can cause pump failure.

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