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2559651 BODY Caterpillar parts 314C BODY
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Caterpillar 2559651 BODY

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EXCAVATOR  314C   Caterpillar
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Time Allowed
1051-010 Air filter housing remove and install(in frame) 0.5
1052-010 Turbocharger remove and install (in frame) 1.3-1.6
1052-017 Turbocharger disassemble and assemble 0.5
1052-040 Turbocharger inspect (in frame) 0.2
1064-010 R&I ATAAC core 0.9
1064-046 Flush ATAAC core 1.0PARTS DISPOSITION
Handle the parts in accordance with your WarrantyBulletin on warranty parts handling.Attach. (1-Rework Procedure)Rework Procedure
Only turbochargers with the through-boredesign are covered under this service letter.
Confirm the turbocharger has a through bore designturbocharger compressor wheel. Refer to the pictures, and charts belowto help make this determination.
Illustration 1
Style Visual Characteristics Turbocharger Part Numbers
ThroughBore Wheel End of shaft is visible in the nose of the wheel 1309201,1513082, 1515937, 1626495, 1627603, 1649490, 1649493, 1649496, 1275793,1378928, 0R7084, 0R7252, 0R7289, 0R7292, 0R7293, 0R7055, 0R7175
BorelessWheel Only hasa dimple on the nose of the wheel 1906204,1906205, 1906206, 1906207, 1906208, 1906210, 1906212, 1906213, 1906221,1906222, 0R7574, 0R7575, 0R7576, 0R7578, 0R7579, 0R7580, 0R7581
If your turbocharger has the Through Bore Wheel,and you fall within the affected SN range(s), proceed with replacementof the turbocharger if the failure mode is a compressor wheel burst.
There are pictures below to help showwhat this failure mode looks like.C12 Compressor Wheel Burst
The compressor wheel is split through the center.(Illustration 2)
On through bore style wheels the split will bethrough the center hole.
If the wheel is missing, look on the undersideof the compressor cover. A wheel burst has happened if there are deep impactmarks 180 degrees apart. (Illustration 2)
The force of the burst will almost always breakthe turbo shaft.
Illustration 2
If you meet ALL of the necessary requirements:
The unit falls within the affected serial numberrange.
The turbocharger that failed had a through boredesign compressor wheel.
The failure has been determined to be a compressorwheel burst.
Then proceed with the repair as follows:
Remove the old turbocharger.
Use the chart below to determine which reman turboto use for the unit being repaired.
ALL units will require the gasketslisted below the chart.
Inspect the intake tract for debris all the wayfrom the air cleaner to the turbocharger.
Reinstall the necessary parts.

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog

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