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3905057 BOOM AR-OFFSET Caterpillar parts M315D BOOM
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Caterpillar 3905057 BOOM AR-OFFSET

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WHEELED EXCAVATOR  M315D   Caterpillar
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Illustration 26 g02350718
(40) 170-8500 Analyzer Gp
When using 170-8500 Analyzer Gp (40), connect 188-0639 Hose As to the “low pressure in” port.
Illustration 27 g02350719
(39) Air supply valve
To take the particle count test, close air supply valve (39) of the 204-7392 Filter Cart Gp. Refer to Illustration 27.
Illustration 28 g02350688
(33) Fill plug
Remove fill plug (33) from the wheel group and take a sample using vacuum extraction. Follow the procedure for vacuum extraction provided in Contamination Control Guidelines, SEBF8482, "Obtaining Oil Sample for Analysis".
Analyze the sample on 170-8500 Analyzer Gp (40).
If the particle counter indicates:
A reading of ISO 18/15, the machine is ready to be returned to the field.
A reading greater than ISO 18/15, repeat Step 7 through Step 11.Note: Refer to "Oil Compartment Filtration Times", section at the end of this guideline, when 170-8500 Analyzer Gp (40) is not available.
Illustration 29 g02351022
(10) 8C-1358 Ball Valve
(37) Air supply hose
(39) Air supply valve
When the target ISO level or time interval has been met, close air supply valve (39) and Ball Valve (10). Disconnect air supply hose (37). Refer to Illustration 29.
Disconnect the cart hoses from the adapters.
Illustration 30 g02351036
(36) Suction adapter assembly
Remove suction adapter assembly (36) and install drain plug (32). Refer to Illustration 30.
Illustration 31 g02350686
(35) Discharge adapter assembly
Remove discharge adapter assembly (35) and reinstall breather hose (34).
Check and maintain the oil level for the wheel group at the recommended oil level for each model according to the Operation and Maintenance Manual.
Check for any leaks in the front wheel group.
Unblock the wheels.
Return the machine to service.Oil Compartment Filtration Times
If an on-line, portable particle counter is not available to diagnose and track when the contaminant level has lowered to an acceptable level, refer to the following equation. This equation related to the 204-7392 Transfer/Filter Cart. Other filtration units will have a different equation reference and will be noted when appropriate. There are various conditions that must be factored into the filtration efficiency of any filter cart and situation. Therefore, the following equation must be viewed as only a simple reference and not an absolute time or efficiency result.
Illustration 32 g01177339
Oil compartment filtration equation
(A) Compartment oil capacity (gal)
(B) Pulses per minute
(C) Approximate filtration time (min)Example: A 793 Off Highway Truck wheel group has 26.5 L (7.0 US gal) of 50W oil. The cart pumps 50W oil at a rate of 7.6 to 11.36 L/min (2.0 to 3.0 US gpm). The approximate filtration time should be about 120 minutes or 2 hours.ISO 4406: Method for coding the level of contamination by solid particles
International Organization of Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies). ISO 4406: specifies the code to be used in defining the quantity of solid particles in the fluid used in a given hydraulic fluid power system. An automatic particle counter derives the equivalent size of a particle from the particles cross-sectional area. Particle counts are affected by various factors. These factors include procurement of the sample, particle counting accuracy, the sample container, where used, and cleanliness. Proper care should be taken during

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