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BRACKET AS 0878443 - Caterpillar

0878443 BRACKET AS Caterpillar parts 307 BRACKET
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Caterpillar 0878443 BRACKET AS
Weight: 0.76 pounds 0 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 0878443:

MINI HYD EXCAVATOR  307   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 2
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Fuel Economy
Fuel is the largest single operating cost of today's on-highway truck engines. Improved fuel economy can have a substantial impact on operating profit. The most significant factors that influence vehicle fuel economy are:* Driver techniques* Vehicle efficiency/Truck Specifications* Operating conditions* Engine efficiencyDriver Techniques
The manner in which a vehicle is driven can have a dramatic effect on fuel consumption. Operators can maximize fuel economy and engine life by practicing the techniques of using minimum power and low engine rpm. The following tips can optimize fuel economy by making maximum use of the potential efficiency of the engine and vehicle.Caterpillar engines are designed to operate at lower engine rpm (speed) and have demonstrated excellent fuel savings and longer service life when operated in this manner.Uphill Operation
Minimize the number of downshifts. Vehicle speed (momentum) is always lost between downshifts. Therefore, unnecessary downshifts waste a portion of that fuel consumed to maintain vehicle speed in the previous gear. Your Caterpillar engine has a very broad usable speed range and excellent torque rise that will provide exceptional hill climbing capability.For best performance when climbing a hill, allow the engine to lug down to peak torque (1560 rpm) speed before downshifting and allow the engine run at a lower speed (down to 1400 rpm) if the truck/vehicle will make the top without another downshift. Fuel economy will be best if you let the engine lug back to around this speed before you downshift. Downshift until a gear is reached in which the engine will pull the load. This technique will also operate the engine through the most fuel efficient speed range.Allowing the engine to lug below peak torque is permissible if the truck/vehicle is cresting the top of a hill without downshifting. However, note that extended operation in a lug condition will raise exhaust temperature and cylinder pressure. This can lead to reduced engine life.
DO NOT allow the engine rpm to exceed 2900 rpm, engine damage can result.
Downhill Operation
When cresting a hill, the decision of whether to use power or not on the downside of the hill must be made. Best fuel economy results from using minimum power to get back to speed after climbing a grade. However, care must be taken not to allow the engine to overspeed.* On a downgrade, do not coast with the clutch disengaged or put the transmission in NEUTRAL. A simple rule to follow is to select the same gear that would be required to go up the hill. However, DO NOT allow the engine to overspeed.* Select the correct gear that does not allow the engine speed (rpm) to exceed the 2900 rpm limit and use the engine retarder and/or service brakes to limit the speed of the truck. Refer to the rated (full load) rpm as shown on the Engine Information Plate.Saving fuel on rolling hills provide a great opportunity to reduce fuel consumption. Avoid downshifting on small hills. If a hill can be topped without downshifting, even if the engine lugs to the peak

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog

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