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BRACKET 0878455 - Caterpillar

0878455 BRACKET Caterpillar parts 307 BRACKET
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Caterpillar 0878455 BRACKET
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MINI HYD EXCAVATOR  307   Caterpillar
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Supplemental coolant additive is necessary to prevent rust, scale, pitting and/or corrosion of engine parts that coolant comes in contact with. Most antifreeze solutions DO NOT contain sufficient supplemental coolant additive.
Always add supplemental coolant additive or equivalent to the coolant, or install a Caterpillar supplemental coolant additive element (if equipped). Never use coolant only, except if Caterpillar Antifreeze is being used which contains the additive. In this case, no supplemental coolant additive is needed on initial fill, but is necessary on a maintenance basis. Use supplemental coolant additive or a supplemental coolant additive element (if equipped). This will provide a 3% to 6% concentration in the cooling system to help prevent corrosion.To prevent overinhibiting the engine's cooling system, never use both the liquid supplemental coolant additive and the supplemental coolant additive element (if equipped) at the same time. The use of these additives together could result in excessive concentration that would exceed the Caterpillar recommended maximum of 6%.Excessive concentration of an additive can form deposits on the higher temperature surfaces of the cooling system and create a barrier that reduces the engine's heat transfer characteristics. Reduced heat transfer could cause cracking of the cylinder head and other high temperature components. Excessive concentrations of additive could also accelerate water pump seal wear.Supplemental coolant additive is needed when not using Caterpillar Antifreeze for premixed coolant solution.
Liquid supplemental coolant additive can be purchased from your Caterpillar dealer. Follow the instructions on the container.
DO NOT add supplemental coolant additive at initial fill when using Caterpillar Antifreeze. Caterpillar Antifreeze contains the necessary supplemental coolant additive precharge. Addition of supplemental coolant additive could result in an overconcentration.
On initial fill of a new or reconditioned engine if Caterpillar Antifreeze is not used, add 1 L (1 quart) of supplemental coolant additive, or equivalent, for each 30 L (8 U.S. gallons) so that the cooling system will have a 3% to 6% concentration of supplemental coolant additive.
8T5296 SCA Test KitTo maintain a 3% to 6% concentration of additive, add liquid supplemental coolant additive or install a maintenance supplemental coolant additive element (if equipped), every 250 service hours or oil change, whichever occurs first. Use the 8T5296 Test Kit to check for concentration.If the engine is not equipped with spin-on element, add .25 L (1/2 pint) of supplemental coolant additive for each 38 L (10 U.S. gallons) of coolant capacity to maintain the 3% to 6% concentration of additive. Cooling System Cleaning
Caterpillar Cooling System Cleaners are designed to clean the system of harmful scale and corrosion. It dissolves mineral scale, corrosion products, light oil contamination and sludge.Clean the system according to the interval in the Maintenance Management Schedule, or whenever the coolant is dirty or foaming.If other than Caterpillar products are used as the coolant additive, follow the manufacturers' recommendation for cooling system treatment and test evaluation. DO NOT mix Caterpillar Supplemental Coolant Additive or supplemental coolant additive elements with the other products available; select a cooling system treatment and use it exclusively.
The Caterpillar 8T5296 Test

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog

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