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BRACKET 0878458 - Caterpillar

0878458 BRACKET Caterpillar parts 307 BRACKET
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Caterpillar 0878458 BRACKET
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MINI HYD EXCAVATOR  307   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 11
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Lubricant Information
Certain abbreviations follow S.A.E. J754 nomenclature and some classifications follow S.A.E. J183 abbreviations. The MIL specifications are U.S.A. Military Specifications. The definitions other than Caterpillar's will be of assistance in purchasing lubricants. The recommended oil viscosities can be found in the "Lubricant Viscosities" chart in this publication.The grease is classified by the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) based on the ASTM D217-68 Worked Penetration characteristics which are given a defined consistency number.Engine Oils
Caterpillar has two oil formulations to provide maximum performance and life in your engine.*Cat Engine Oil (EO)Cat Engine Oil (EO) is a lubricant meeting the industry standards for both gasoline and diesel requirements. This oil has 10 TBN and a 1.2% sulfated ash level.*Cat Diesel Engine Oil (DEO)Cat Diesel Engine Oil is specially formulated for Caterpillar Diesel Engines, to reduce piston and ring deposits and thus provide longer engine life and stable oil control.Cat Diesel Engine Oil (DEO) is blended with a diesel engine type additive with 14 TBN (Total Base Number) and 1.8% sulfated ash level.If an oil other than EO is to be used, use the following guideline: *API specifications CE, CE/SF, or CE/SGIf an oil other than DEO is to be used, use the following guideline: *API specifications CD/SE, CD/SF or CD/SG Some 3208 engines specify CD/SE, CD/SF, CD/SG or CE/SF or CE/SG oil because of slipper-type valve camshaft followers which require a zinc additive for anti-wear. Caterpillar oils have the zinc additive and therefore are acceptable for all 3208 engines.Oil with these specifications may require shortened oil change periods as determined by close monitoring of oil condition with Scheduled Oil Sampling (S O S) and infrared analysis. The percentage of sulfur in the fuel will affect the engine oil recommendations. For fuel sulfur effects, the Infrared Analysis and the ASTM D2896 procedure can be used to evaluate the residual neutralization properties of an engine oil. The sulfur products formation depends on the fuel sulfur content, oil formulation, crankcase blowby, engine operating conditions and ambient temperature.The Caterpillar 20 times rule for TBN versus fuel sulfur is a general requirement, but it can be modified by used oil analysis. The effectiveness of an oil formulation will depend on the additive package. A balanced additive package oil of a lower TBN can be as effective in fuel sulfur neutralization and overall performance as some oils with higher TBN values which have additives just for increased TBN. The used oil analysis can show these results.For more information on oil and fuel sulfur content, refer to "Oil and Your Engine," form SEBD0640 and "EMA Lubricating Oils Data Book," form SEBU6310.
Failure to follow these recommendations can cause shortened engine life due to carbon deposits or excessive wear.
Always consult with your Caterpillar dealer for the latest lubrication recommendations.Anti-Seize Compound (ASC)
Use 5P3931 Anti-Seize Compound (ASC) or equivalent.Cat Lubricating Grease
Caterpillar has greases for all applications.*Cat Multipurpose Molybdenum Grease (MPGM)Use MPGM for heavily loaded bearings and joints where an extreme pressure grease will maximize the life of Caterpillar equipment. This NLGI

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog

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