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BRACKET AS 2389653 - Caterpillar

2389653 BRACKET AS Caterpillar parts D9R BRACKET
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2389653 BRACKET AS
Weight: 2 pounds 0 kg.

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Number on catalog scheme: 8
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Clear all personnel from the machine and from the area around the machine.
Start the engine.
Illustration 1 g02449876
Engine speed dial
Set the engine speed dial at "10".
Lower the left console.
Position the machine on level ground. Check the visibility and adjust the mirrors for the best vision close to the machine.
Fully depress the service brake pedal until the service brake pedal locks mechanically.
Increase the hydraulic oil temperature to 46° to 60° C (115° to 140° F).
Lower the stabilizers and the blade tip.
Fully extend the bucket cylinder and place the bucket on the ground.
Stop the engine.
Release the pressure in the hydraulic system.Note: Refer to Testing and Adjusting, "System Pressure - Release".
Raise the left console.
Illustration 2 g00293972
(A) Upper frame
(B) Undercarriage frame
(C) Marking
Put a mark (C) on the inner race and the outer race of the swing bearing. The mark will indicate the relationship of the two positions and be used as a target to stop the swing operation. Refer to Illustration 2.
Start the engine.
Set the engine speed dial at "10".
Lower the left console.
Illustration 3 g02446738
Power mode control button on the soft panel switch
Push down on the power mode control button to activate power mode.Note: The indicator light will be illuminated when power mode is activated.
Illustration 4 g02447036
Automatic Engine Speed Control (AESC) as displayed on the programmable function key in the monitor.
Disable the automatic engine speed control through the monitor by pressing the programmable button.
Illustration 5 g03722432
Hydraulic modulation switch on left joystick
Illustration 6 g06186138
Hydraulic modulation aggressive mode (monitor display)
Select the hydraulic modulation mode as aggressive. Press the lower front switch on the left joystick to select the hydraulic modulation mode.
The air conditioning should be turned off for the following test.
Set the swing aggressiveness to 0.
Illustration 7 g03722433
Press the "Menu" key to display the main menu options.
Illustration 8 g03722870
Use the arrows to select "Performance" mode from the "Main Menu". Press the "OK" key.
Illustration 9 g03722869
Select "Adjustments" mode from the "Performance" menu. Press the "OK" key.
Illustration 10 g03722878
Select "Swing Aggressiveness" mode from the "Adjustment" menu.
Set the "Swing Aggressiveness" to "0". Change the value with the arrow buttons. Press"OK" when done.Test Procedure
Illustration 11 g03722861
Move the joystick to the RIGHT or the LEFT position and allow the upper structure to rotate for 60 seconds.Note: Use a point that is visible from the operator seat as a reference point to stop the rotation.
Count the number of revolutions.Note: Start the measurement after the upper structure has rotated one full revolution. `
Return the joystick to the NEUTRAL position at the end of the swing operation.
Repeat Step 1 in the opposite direction.
Refer to Table 1 for the number of required revolutions.
If the swing speed is not correct, adjust the pump regulator valve on the swing pump.Note: Refer to Testing and Adjusting, "Swing Destroke Characteristic Solenoid Valve - Adjust" for the adjustment procedure.

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