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BRACKET 3727568 - Caterpillar

3727568 BRACKET Caterpillar parts 777G BRACKET
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Caterpillar 3727568 BRACKET

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TRUCK  777G   Caterpillar
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Table 2
(1) Is equipment available, capable of cleaning the rollers prior to service? (Power washer or steam cleaner)
(2) Is a workbench available, capable of holding 8 to16 rollers at an adequate height? (8 to16 is for efficiency, height is for quality)
(3) Is tooling available, capable of removing plastic plugs, rubber stoppers, retainer bolts, retainer rings, and snap rings?
(4) Is a hydraulic press available, capable of servicing rollers with press-on end collars, bushings, and end caps?
(5) Is the available lighting adequate for inspecting the roller components?
(6) Is a wash tank available for cleaning the roller components? (shafts, retainers, thrust washers, and seals)
(7) Is a blast cabinet available to recondition the seal ramps on the shafts of inverted rollers?
(8) Is an arbor press available for installing the Duo-Cone seals into the retainers and end collars?
(9) Is tooling available to tighten the bolts to the proper torque? (Regulator, torque gun, torque wrench)
(10) Is a pressure test available for testing the integrity of the roller? ( 170-5664 Test and Fill Cart Gp or FT-2724 Pressure Gauge Tool Gp)
(11) Is a lubricator available for filling the roller to the proper oil fill volume? ( 170-5664 Test and Fill Cart Gp or portable lubricator)
(12) Is equipment available to spin the shaft after assembly?
Tooling and Accessories
Table 3
(1) Are seal installers available for all models of rollers that are serviced?
(2) Are the seal installers in good condition? (No chips or cracks)
(3) Are lint free towels available for cleaning the roller components? (Duo-Cone seals, shafts, retainers, thrust washers)
(4) Is 99% isopropyl alcohol available for lubricating the rubber toric rings for assembly? (Used with lint free towels)
(5) Is 1U-6396 Petro Gel Grease (O-ring assembly compound) available for installing the O-rings?
(6) Is tooling available to measure the clearance between the shaft and bearing, seal height, and end play?
(7) Is clean oil available for lubricating the Duo-Cone seals and bearings? (Must be covered and free of contaminants)
Table 4
(1) Is Undercarriage Reconditioning Guide, SEBF8599 current and available to the mechanics and supervisors?
(2) Are the roller wall charts current and available to the mechanics for easy accessibility?
Table 5
(1) Have the supervisors and mechanics attended the Undercarriage Repair Process Training Class in Peoria?
(2) Have the mechanics and supervisors been trained on reuse guidelines?
Table 6
Table 7

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
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