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BRACKET 3904655 - Caterpillar

3904655 BRACKET Caterpillar parts C27 BRACKET
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Caterpillar 3904655 BRACKET
Weight: 0.27 pounds 0 kg.

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PETROLEUM ENGINE  C27   Caterpillar
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Fuel System Components
Fuel Injection Pump
General Operation
The fuel injection pump is a pressurized system that is totally enclosed. The pump sends the correct amount of fuel under high pressure at the correct time through the fuel injection nozzles to the individual cylinders. The fuel injection pump regulates the amount of fuel that is delivered to the fuel injection nozzles. This action controls the engine rpm by the governor setting or the position of the throttle control.The fuel lines to the fuel injection nozzles are equal lengths. This ensures even pressure and correct injection timing at each fuel injection nozzle.During operation, extra fuel is used as coolant and lubricant for moving parts of the pump. The extra fuel is circulated through the pump housing. The extra fuel is then returned to the fuel tank.The Delphi DP310 fuel injection pump must be serviced by an authorized Delphi technician. For repair information, contact your Caterpillar dealer. High idle and low idle of the fuel injection pump are factory set. Idle adjustments can not be made to the fuel pump. The fuel injection pump has a boost control and an engine stop solenoid. The Delphi DP310 fuel injection pump has a feature that vents air from the pump.The fuel injection pump has a cold starting aid. The cold starting aid advances the timing of the pump when the engine is cold. The cold starting aid is electrically operated.Cold Start Advance Unit
The cold start advance unit holds the timing of the fuel injection pump in an advance position when the engine is cold.The coolant switch for the cold start advance unit is on the rear of the timing case on the left side of the engine.When the engine is cold, the sender unit is energized in order to advance the fuel injection pump timing for the cold start operation. When the correct temperature is achieved the sender unit is de-energized and the fuel injection pump timing is returned to the normal operating position.If the switch fails in the closed position, the engine will run with advanced fuel injection timing. The engine will have higher cylinder pressure and engine damage may result.If the switch fails in the open position the engine will run with the fuel injection timing in the normal operating position. The engine will be more difficult to start. When the engine is cold the engine might emit white smoke.

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
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