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BRACKET AS 3967187 - Caterpillar

3967187 BRACKET AS Caterpillar parts BRACKET
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3967187 BRACKET AS
Weight: 13 pounds 6 kg.

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Safety is everyone's business and is basically the use of good common sense. A general guide of safety precautions are given below, but each installation has its own peculiarities which cannot always be predicted and covered by established rules. Past experience and common sense are needed for the necessary safety measures. Attention to safety will help avoid serious accidents. Be alert. Watch for hazards. Use preventive measures. Correct deficiencies immediately.The following safety precautions are a general guide to safe operation:1. To prevent personal injury, install guards over all exposed rotating parts.2. To prevent hearing damage, wear ear protective devices if working inside an enclosed engine room with engine running.3. To prevent head injury, wear safety hat when working in the area of overhead equipment.4. Wear safety glasses and shoes as required. 5. Do not wear loose clothing whenever working around engines or machinery.6. Wipe up spilled oil, fuel or coolant.7. Keep batteries in a well ventilated area. Do not smoke around batteries. Hydrogen gas, which is present in the area of the batteries, is highly explosive.8. Provide adequate and safe waste oil disposal.9. Store oily rags in fireproof containers. Don't leave rags on engine.
When using pressure air, wear safety glasses and protective clothing. Maximum air pressure, used for cleaning, must be below 30 PSI (2 kg/cm2).
10. Remove all tools, electrical cords and other loose items from the engine before starting.11. Disconnect and tape the battery ground lead before working on an engine to prevent accidental starting. Be sure an automatic start-stop system cannot operate and start the engine while working on it.12. Do not attempt repairs you do not understand. Follow instructions.13. Stop engine before adjusting or repairing engine or driven equipment.14. Remove radiator cap slowly. Cooling systems can be pressurized and hot fluid will flash to steam as pressure is removed.15. Never start an engine with the governor linkage disconnected.16. Replace or repair broken or damaged equipment. Use proper tools.17. Do not smoke while refueling. Observe NO SMOKING signs.18. Never store flammable liquids near the engine.19. All electrical equipment must be grounded according to local building codes.20. Check all connections periodically for tightness and insulation.21. Insulate all connections and disconnected wires.22. Do not use carbon tetrachloride fire extinguishers. Fumes are toxic and the liquid has a deteriorating effect on insulation. 23. Do not touch the heat sink on the generator regulator when the generator is running. It is electrically "hot".24. Do not work on electrically "hot" equipment.25. Always disconnect the engine starter circuit when working on the generator.26. Hot engine oil can cause burns when drained. Allow the oil to cool below 140°F or provide protection when draining the hot oil.27. Never remove a plug to check pressure with the engine running. Shut down the engine and assure there is no pressure before removing plug.28. When starting an engine after repair, make provisions for shutting off air supply in case there is an overspeed on start up.29. Never look into an open cylinder port and turn over

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
AP1055 F Asphalt Paver TJ500001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C7.1 Engine
AP1000 F Asphalt Paver AC400001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C7.1 Engine
AP1055 F Asphalt Paver RLM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C7.1 Engine
AP655F & AP600F Asphalt Paver 65500001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C4.4 Engine
AP600F, AP655F Asphalt Paver LR600001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C7.1 Engine
AP655F Asphalt Paver 45200001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C4.4 Engine
AP655F Asphalt Paver 47900001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C7.1 Engine
AP655F L Asphalt Paver AC600001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C7.1 Engine
AP600F Asphalt Paver JA600001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C7.1 Engine
AP600F Asphalt Paver D6F00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C4.4 Engine

Parts bracket Caterpillar catalog:

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