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BRACKET AS 5089115 - Caterpillar

5089115 BRACKET AS Caterpillar parts BRACKET
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 5089115 BRACKET AS
Weight: 231 pounds 104 kg.

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Engine Starting System
Illustration 18 g02551901
Components for the engine starting system
(1) Jumper harness for the starting system circuit
(2) Starting motor solenoids
(3) Main circuit breaker
(4) Circuit breaker for the engine starting system
(5) Starting motors
(6) Starting motor magnetic switches for the starting motors The ECM accepts a request for engine cranking from the CMPD. The ECM determines if the engine is ready to be cranked. The ECM also determines if the starting motors are in danger of being overheated.High Pressure Common Rail Fuel System
Illustration 19 g02426157
Fuel system components (typical right side engine view)
(1) Fuel injectors (left side)
(2) Secondary and tertiary fuel filter assemblies (filter-in-filter)
(3) Fuel rail pressure sensor
(4) Temperature sensor for the low-pressure fuel
(5) Pressure sensor for filtered fuel
(6) Pressure sensor for filtered fuel (secondary ECM)
(7) Fuel filter duplex valve
(8) Pressure sensor for unfiltered fuel
(9) High-pressure fuel pump
(10) Fuel rail pressure sensor (secondary)
(11) Primary fuel control valve and controller
(12) Fuel injectors (right side)
(13) Fuel transfer pump
(14) Fuel pressure regulating valve
(15) High-pressure leak detection sensor
(16) Block assembly that contains the in-line high-pressure fuel filter
(17) Temperature sensor for the high-pressure fuel
(18) Fuel control valve and controller (secondary)
(19) Electric fuel priming pump The controller for the high pressure common rail fuel system receives a desired rail pressure from the engine ECM. This signal is used to determine a setpoint for the fuel control valve. The controller adjusts the fuel control valve in order to match the actual rail pressure to the desired rail pressure.The fuel control valve is a suction throttle that regulates the fuel by limiting the volume of fuel available at the inlet of the pump.Electrical power to the controller for the fuel control valve is supplied by the power module. Power to the power module is supplied by the battery for the engine. Voltage from the keyswitch is supplied directly to the controller in order to power up the controller during an ECM powerup. Oil Mist Detection System
Illustration 20 g03523877An excessive concentration of oil mist in the engine crankcase can result in an explosion when the mist comes in contact with a hot surface. Marine Classification Societies (MCS) require all engines rated at 2250 kW (3017 bhp) and above or have cylinder bores of more than 300 mm (11.8 inch) be provided with a protection system against a crankcase explosion. The protection system may take the form of an:
Oil mist detection system
Bearing temperature monitoring system
Alternative systemFor low speed diesel engines, the protection system is to initiate an alarm and automatic slowdown of the engine. For medium to high-speed diesel engines, the system is to initiate an alarm and automatic shutdown of the engine.The Caterpillar C175-16 engine utilizes the Graviner© Mk7 Oil Mist Detector from Kidde Products Ltd. The oil mist detectors are mounted on engine side covers on the right side of the engine.The Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual is available for download from:http://www.kfp.co.ukPrelube System
Integrated control of the engine starting sequence and the engine prelubrication system is required in order to guarantee that proper engine starting procedures are followed. The system prevents excessive engine

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