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Caterpillar 2389508 BUCKET AS

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Illustration 4 g01277515
(1) Fan drive motor (1A) Speed sensor (fan drive)
Illustration 5 g01277516
(2) Makeup valve (fan motor)
Illustration 6 g01204144
(4) Steering tank and filter (5) Case drain oil filter for the fan drive pump and motor
Illustration 7 g01204165
(6) Fan drive pump (10) Displacement solenoid (11) Pressure and flow compensator (12) High-pressure cutoff valveOperation
Oil flows from fan drive pump (6) through makeup valve (2) to fan drive motor (1) . Return oil also flows from fan drive motor (1) through makeup valve (2) to oil cooler (3) . The return oil then flows from oil cooler (3) to steering tank and filter (4) .Fan drive motor (1) is a fixed displacement motor. The fan speed is determined by the amount of flow from fan drive pump (6) . Fan drive pump (6) is a variable displacement piston pump that is controlled by the Brake/Cooling ECM.Case drain oil flows from fan drive motor (1) and fan drive pump (6) through case drain oil filter (5) to steering tank and filter (4) .If the supply oil to the fan stops suddenly, the fan and the motor may continue to rotate because of the mass of the fan. Makeup valve (2) allows the oil in the circuit to flow from the return side to the supply side. This prevents a vacuum in the lines on the supply side.Fan speed is controlled by the Brake/Cooling ECM. Fan speed will vary depending on many inputs.The following inputs determine the fan speed:
Jacket water coolant temperature
Aftercooler coolant temperature
Transmission lubrication temperature
Torque converter outlet temperature
Brake oil temperature
Brake status
Ground speed
Output status of the hoist system
Air conditioning pressureIf the air conditioning pressure is above 1586 kPa (230 psi), a switch opens that sends a signal to the engine ecm that causes the fan to run at 450 rpm. If the switch fails in the OPEN position or a wire is broken, the fan runs at 450 rpm all of the time. The fan running at 450 rpm ensures enough cooling for the compressor while the air conditioning is activated.
Table 1
Standard Fan Speed Control Limits (RPM)
84 in Fan    
Engine Speed     Non-Retarding Fan Speed Limit     Retarding Fan Speed Limit    
1250 or Less     339     525    
1300     353     525    
1450     394     817    
1500     407     817    
1600     434     817    
1700     461     817    
1750 or more
    475     817    Refer to Table 1 for the fan speed limits that are based on the temperature sensor inputs, the ground speed, and the retarding/braking inputs.
Table 2
Engine Fan Control, Non-Retarding Or Retarding Below 4 MPH
84 in Fan (1)    
Aftercooler Temperature     Jacket Water Coolant Temperature     Transmission Lubrication Temperature     TC Out Temperature     Brake Oil Temperature     Fan Control    
Priority 1     2     3     4     5        
65 °C (149 °F)     <
88 °C (190 °F)     <
88 °C (190 °F)     <
88 °C (190 °F)

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