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CLAMP-BAND 3905132 - Caterpillar

3905132 CLAMP-BAND Caterpillar parts C7.1 CLAMP
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Caterpillar 3905132 CLAMP-BAND

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INDUSTRIAL ENGINE  C7.1   Caterpillar
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Maintenance Section
The Maintenance Section is a guide to tool inspection, cleaning, storage, and tool disposalSafety Section
Safety Icon Nomenclature
Personal Protection/Important Information
Illustration 2 g02166423
Personal Protection/Important InformationHazard Avoidance
Crushing Hazard (foot)
Crushing Hazard (hand)
Pinch Point
Working Load Limit (WLL) mark - Do not use lifting device unless load identification (WLL) markings are legible. General Information Section
Illustration 3 g03318062
The Main Bearing Cap Lifting Device is used to remove and install the main bearing caps when the engine is in the engine roll-over fixture. The Main Bearing Cap Lifting Device has a Working Load Limit of 18.14 kg (40 lb).Specifications
Table 1
Working Load Limit    
18.14 kg (40 lb)    
Overall size    
376 x 313 x 109.35 (14.80 x 12.32 x 4.30 in)    
3.2 kg (7.0 lbs)    Operation Section
Lower the device over the main bearing cap and install the quick release pins thru the device and the holes in the bearing cap. The button at the top of the handle must be depressed to install the pins through the lifting device and the holes on the bearing cap.
Illustration 4 g03373988
Note: Button must be pushed when removing and inserting quick release pin in the holes.
Carefully lift the bearing cap out of the cylinder block and place in a suitable location.
Push the center button on the quick release pins and remove them. The quick release pins may be stored during operation in the two tubes on the cross member until needed
Illustration 5 g03374057
Do not use without a suitable lifting device mechanism.
Maintenance Section
Inspect Equipment - Inspect tool prior to each use for nicks, burrs, dents, cracks, bent, or worn parts. If damage is found, discontinue use, destroy the tool, and depose of as scrap.
Working Load Limit (WLL) mark - Do not use lifting device unless load identification (WLL) markings are legible.
Safety Alert - Do not use lifting device if mounting hole or lifting holes are elongated or deformed. Cleaning
Clean the tool using nonsolvent based cleaners.Storage
Store tool indoors in a dry location to prevent rust and corrosion.Disposal
At the end of the operational life of the tool, destroy the tool and dispose of as scrap.Additional Contact Information
For additional product support questions concerning this tool, contact Dealer Service Tools Hotline at:USA: 1-800-542-8665, Option 1International: 1-309-578-7372Email: dealerservicetool_hotline

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