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3727775 COMMON AR Caterpillar parts 924HZ COMMON
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Caterpillar 3727775 COMMON AR

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WHEEL LOADER  924HZ   Caterpillar
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You must read and understand the warnings and instructions contained in the Safety section of this manual, before performing any operation or maintenance procedures.Cooling System
Do not perform this maintenance until you read and understand the material in the Safety and Cooling System Specifications sections of this publication.
Drain/Flush/Replace Coolant (Long Life Coolant/Antifreeze Only)
Caterpillar Long Life Coolant/Antifreeze should be replaced every 6,000 Service Hours or 4 Years, whichever comes first. Only clean water is needed to clean and flush the cooling system when LLCA is drained and replaced.Drain
1. Stop the engine and allow the engine to cool. Loosen the coolant filler cap slowly to relieve any pressure, and remove the cap.2. Remove the radiator drain plug, or open the radiator drain valve (if equipped). Remove the block and oil cooler drain plugs. Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the water pump housing. Allow the coolant to drain.
Dispose of used engine coolant properly or recycle. Various methods have been proposed to reclaim used coolant for reuse in engine cooling systems. The full distillation procedure is the only method acceptable by Caterpillar to reclaim the used coolant. Contact your Caterpillar for information regarding disposal and recycling of used coolant.
For information regarding disposal and recycling of used coolant:Contact Caterpillar Service Technology Group:Outside Illinois: 1-800-542-TOOLInside Illinois: 1-800-541-TOOLCanada: 1-800-523-TOOLFlush
4. Flush the cooling system with clean water to remove any debris.5. Clean and install all drain plugs and/or close the drain valve(s).6. Fill the cooling system with clean water. Install the filler cap. Operate the engine until warm 49 to 66°C (150 to 120°F).7. Stop the engine and allow the engine to cool. Loosen the coolant filler cap slowly to relieve any pressure, and remove the cap. Remove the cooling system drain plug(s) or open the drain valve. Allow the water to drain. Flush the cooling system with clean water.8. Repeat steps 6 and 7.Fill
9. Fill the cooling system with LLCA. Refer to the refill capacities chart in this manual for the amount of LLCA needed to refill your system.10. Start and run the engine with the filler cap removed. Allow the LLCA to warm, the thermostat to open, and the coolant level to stabilize. Add LLCA if necessary to bring the coolant to the proper level.11. Check the condition of the filler cap gasket. If the gasket is damaged, discard the old filler cap and install a new filler cap. If the gasket is not damaged, use a 9S8140 Service Tool (available from your Caterpillar dealer) to pressure test the filler cap. The correct filler cap pressure is stamped on the face of the filler cap. If the filler cap does not hold the correct pressure, install a new filler cap.12. Start the engine and inspect for coolant leaks and proper operating temperature.

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