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Walk-Around Inspection
Inspect Machine
For maintenance and operator personnel safety and maximum service life of the machine, make a thorough walk-around inspection before mounting the machine or starting the engine.Look around and under the machine for such items as loose or missing bolts, trash buildup, oil, coolant or fuel leaks. Inspect the condition and inflation of tires, condition of hydraulic lines and hoses, and the condition of the bucket and cutting edges.Remove any trash and debris. Adjust tire inflation as needed. Have any necessary repairs made, loose connections or parts tightened and any missing parts replaced before starting the engine.Follow the detailed instructions as outlined in the topic "Walk-Around Inspection" under "Before Starting the Engine" in the "Operation Section" of this guide.Fuel Tank
Drain Water and Sediment
Escaping fuel is flammable. Do not smoke while draining water and sediment from the fuel tank.
Open the fuel tank drain valve. Drain water and sediment. Close the drain valve.Engine Crankcase
Measure Oil Level
1. Measure oil level with the machine level. Lower the bucket with slight down pressure and apply the parking/secondary brake. 2. The level can be measured with the engine stopped. With the engine stopped, the oil level should be above the ADD OIL mark on the ENGINE STOPPED side of the dipstick.3. If it is necessary to add oil, remove the engine oil filler cap. 4. Add oil to the correct level. 5. Inspect the cap seal. Replace the seal, if it is damaged. 6. Install the oil filler cap.Hydraulic Tank
Check Oil Level
Check the hydraulic oil level in the sight gauge. When the oil is cold, the oil level should be just above the ADD mark. When the oil is hot, it should fill the sight gauge completely.1. If it is necessary to add oil, remove the hydraulic tank cap slowly to relieve any pressure. Add oil to bring the oil level just above the ADD mark in the sight gauge. 2. Inspect the hydraulic tank cap gasket. Replace the gasket, if it is damaged.3. Install the hydraulic tank cap.Air Reservoir
Drain Moisture and Sediment
Open the drain valve to drain any moisture and sediment. Close the valve.Radiator
Check Coolant Level
At operating temperature, engine coolant is hot and under pressure.Steam can cause personal injury.Check coolant level ONLY when engine is stopped and radiator filler cap is cool enough to touch with your bare hand.Remove filler cap slowly to relieve pressure.Cooling system conditioner contains alkali. Avoid contact with skin and eyes to prevent personal injury.Use all cleaning solutions with care.
The machine must be parked on level ground and the engine stopped. Lock the transmission control in NEUTRAL.Lower the bucket with slight down pressure. Apply the parking/secondary brake. 1. Observe the coolant level with the engine stopped and cool. Remove the radiator cap slowly to relieve the pressure. 2. Maintain the coolant level 1 cm (1/2 inch) below the filler neck. 3. Add coolant, if necessary, to bring the coolant level to within 1 cm (1/2 inch) below the filler neck. 4. Inspect the radiator cap gasket and replace

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