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A New Gasket is Used {1063, 1380}... 2005/05/23 #i02341352 Caterpillar


3516B 1NW  

3508 (S/N: CNF1-UP; PTK1-UP; 8TL1-UP; 3HM1-UP; 9WN1-UP; 3LS1-UP; CAW1-UP; 5PW1-UP; 95Y1-UP; 96Y1-UP; 97Y1-UP; 23Z1-UP; 68Z1-UP; 69Z1-UP; 70Z1-UP)
3508B (S/N: S2A1-UP; CNB1-UP; S2B1-UP; LPD1-UP; S2D1-UP; S2E1-UP; BAG1-UP; 2BM1-UP; 3DM1-UP; 4GM1-UP; 7SM1-UP; 6PN1-UP; 1TW1-UP; 2HW1-UP; 3DW1-UP)
3512 (S/N: PTG1-UP; PTH1-UP; CMJ1-UP; 2WK1-UP; FDR1-UP; 3MS1-UP; 6WW1-UP; 49Y1-UP; 50Y1-UP; 51Y1-UP; 24Z1-UP; 65Z1-UP; 66Z1-UP; 67Z1-UP)
3512B (S/N: BRC1-UP; CMC1-UP; FDE1-UP; BLF1-UP; PTF1-UP; 2AF1-UP; 8DF1-UP; AAG1-UP; FFG1-UP; MRG1-UP; PWG1-UP; S2G1-UP; S2H1-UP; S2J1-UP; BRK1-UP; S2K1-UP; S2L1-UP; PTM1-UP; S2M1-UP; 7HM1-UP; 8EM1-UP; 8RM1-UP; BRN1-UP; S2N1-UP; 4TN1-UP; 6WN1-UP; 1PW1-UP; 2GW1-UP; 3ZW1-UP; 4AW1-UP; 5AW1-UP; 6GW1-UP; 2EZ1-UP)
3516 (S/N: CMD1-UP; CAL1-UP; 2TS1-UP; 3JS1-UP; 3NS1-UP; 8TW1-UP; 25Z1-UP; 27Z1-UP; 29Z1-UP; 71Z1-UP; 72Z1-UP; 73Z1-UP)
3516B (S/N: CPA1-UP; BMB1-UP; CDE1-UP; 9WF1-UP; B5G1-UP; BPJ1-UP; BCK1-UP; LEK1-UP; CAN1-UP; CBN1-UP; FDN1-UP; 6HN1-UP; 7RN1-UP; 8CN1-UP; 8KN1-UP; 9AN1-UP; S2P1-UP; ZAP1-UP; GAR1-UP; S2R1-UP; GZS1-UP; PPS1-UP; S2S1-UP; S2W1-UP; 1NW1-UP; 2FW1-UP; 2JW1-UP; 3CW1-UP; 4BW1-UP; 8NW1-UP; FDX1-UP; S2X1-UP; S2Y1-UP)
G3512 (S/N: 7NJ1-UP)
G3516 (S/N: 8LD1-UP)
G3516 SI TA (S/N: CPG1-UP)
G3516 (S/N: 4EK1-UP; 8PW1-UP)
G3516 SI TA (S/N: CSZ1-UP)
G3532 (S/N: 8BZ1-UP)
Generator Set:
G3520C (S/N: MAD1-UP; B9P1-UP; HAT1-UP)
G3520C SI TA (S/N: CWW1-UP; CWY1-UP)
G3520E (S/N: HAL1-UP; SXY1-UP)
Power Module:
PM3508 (S/N: BLM1-UP)
PM3512 (S/N: BRF1-UP; BNR1-UP)
PM3516 (S/N: CAC1-UP; BPD1-UP)

Description of Change: A new gasket is used for water systems in the above Engines. The new gasket will improve sealing capability for the intended application.

Adaptable To: The 230-1072 Gasket is a direct replacement for the 1A-9066 Gasket. The new gasket is effective with Engines that are built after 02May 2005. Table 1 lists the parts groups that use the new gasket.

Table 1
Parts Groups That Use the New Gasket    
115-7850 Water Lines Gp    
112-2205 Water Lines Gp    
114-3376 Water Lines Gp    
120-7423 Water Lines Gp    
8N-7716 Aftercooler Water Lines Gp    
165-6676 Water Lines Gp    
121-7534 Water Lines Gp    
208-3897 Cylinder Block Cover Gp    
167-6848 Water Lines Gp    
2W-1437 Water Lines Gp    
4P-8354 Water Lines Gp    
167-9212 Water Lines Gp    
7E-3887 Water Lines Gp    
4P-8789 Water Lines Gp    

Illustration 1g01168352

230-1072 Gasket

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