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A New Seal is Used for the Auxiliary Water Pump {1371}... 2006/07/17 #i02569834 Caterpillar


3516B 1NW  

3508 (S/N: 95Y1-UP; 96Y1-UP; 97Y1-UP; 23Z1-UP; 68Z1-UP; 69Z1-UP)
3508B (S/N: S2A1-UP; CBB1-UP; S2B1-UP; S2D1-UP; S2E1-UP; S2F1-UP; 3DM1-UP; 7SM1-UP; 6PN1-UP; 5PS1-UP; 2HW1-UP; 3DW1-UP; BPX1-UP; 1FZ1-UP)
3508C (S/N: LLC1-UP; LLE1-UP)
3512 (S/N: 6PM1-UP; 49Y1-UP; 50Y1-UP; 51Y1-UP; 24Z1-UP; 65Z1-UP; 66Z1-UP; 67Z1-UP)
3512B (S/N: BRC1-UP; 2AF1-UP; FFG1-UP; PWG1-UP; S2G1-UP; MKH1-UP; S2H1-UP; S2J1-UP; S2K1-UP; S2L1-UP; S2M1-UP; 7HM1-UP; 8EM1-UP; 8RM1-UP; S2N1-UP; 4TN1-UP; 1PW1-UP; 3ZW1-UP; 4AW1-UP; 5AW1-UP; 2EZ1-UP; CTB1-UP; CTH1-UP; 1GZ1-UP)
3512C (S/N: LLA1-UP; LLF1-UP)
3516 (S/N: 25Z1-UP; 27Z1-UP; 29Z1-UP; 71Z1-UP; 72Z1-UP; 73Z1-UP)
3516B (S/N: B5G1-UP; PAG1-UP; BCK1-UP; CAN1-UP; CBN1-UP; 6HN1-UP; 7RN1-UP; 9AN1-UP; S2P1-UP; S2R1-UP; PPS1-UP; S2S1-UP; S2T1-UP; S2W1-UP; 1NW1-UP; 2FW1-UP; 2JW1-UP; 4BW1-UP; S2X1-UP; S2Y1-UP; S2Z1-UP; CTG1-UP; 1HZ1-UP)
G3508 (S/N: 4WD1-UP; 9TG1-UP; 2TJ1-UP)
G3512 (S/N: 5JD1-UP; 7NJ1-UP; CTM1-UP)
G3516 (S/N: 8LD1-UP; 4EK1-UP; CTL1-UP)
G3516B (S/N: CTW1-UP; 7EZ1-UP)
Generator Set:
3508 (S/N: 5PW1-UP; CNF1-UP; CAW1-UP)
3508B (S/N: 5KW1-UP; ZAD1-UP; BGX1-UP; CNB1-UP)
3512 (S/N: 6WW1-UP; CMJ1-UP; FDR1-UP; PTG1-UP; PTH1-UP)
3512C (S/N: RMS1-UP)
3516 (S/N: 8TW1-UP; CMD1-UP; GZR1-UP; ZAL1-UP; RKT1-UP)
G3508 (S/N: CPS1-UP; CPY1-UP; CPJ1-UP)
G3512 (S/N: CRN1-UP)
G3512E (S/N: SSR1-UP)
G3516 (S/N: ZAZ1-UP; CSZ1-UP; ZBA1-UP)
G3516B (S/N: CSC1-UP; CME1-UP; ZBB1-UP; ZBC1-UP)
SPF343 (S/N: 6RZ1-UP)
Power Module:
PM3508 (S/N: BLM1-UP)
PM3512 (S/N: BNR1-UP)
PM3516 (S/N: BPD1-UP)

Description of Change: An improved seal is used for auxiliary water pumps. A change in material for the seal will reduce wear to pump components.

The new seal has the same dimensions as the former seal. Use the same tools and the same procedures in order to install the new seal.

Ensure that the auxiliary pump is primed with coolant prior to starting the engine in order to prevent premature wear to the seal.

Adaptable To: The 262-4378 Water Pump Seal As is a direct replacement for the 4W-3864 Water Pump Seal As. The new seal is adaptable to the auxiliary water pumps that are available on the products that are listed above.

The 262-4378 Water Pump Seal As is used in the auxiliary water pumps that are listed in Table 1. Serial number effectivity is listed in Table 2.

Table 1
Auxiliary Water Pumps    
Part Number     Description    
212-8166     Auxiliary Water Pump Gp    
212-8167     Auxiliary Water Pump Gp    
212-8168     Auxiliary Water Pump Gp    
212-8169     Auxiliary Water Pump Gp    
8N-8465     Auxiliary Sea Water Pump Gp    
10R-1672     Auxiliary Water Pump Gp    
10R-1673     Auxiliary Water Pump Gp    

Table 2
Serial Number Effectivity    
Model     Serial Number     Model     Serial Number     Model     Serial Number    
3508     S/N:95Y01180-UP     3512B     S/N:2EZ00292-UP     3508B     S/N:ZAD00114-UP    
3508     S/N:96Y02019-UP     3512B     S/N:CTB00001-UP     3508B     S/N:BGX00107-UP    
3508     S/N:97Y00736-UP     3512B     S/N:CTH00001-UP     3508B     S/N:CNB00493-UP    
3508     S/N:23Z07922-UP     3512B     S/N:1GZ00001-UP     3512     S/N:6WW00594-UP    
3508     S/N:68Z01221-UP     3512C     S/N:LLA00103-UP     3512     S/N:CMJ00384-UP    
3508     S/N:69Z00880-UP     3512C     S/N:LLF00101-UP     3512     S/N:FDR00312-UP    
3508B     S/N:S2A00100-UP     3516     S/N:25Z07087-UP     3512     S/N:PTG00143-UP    
3508B     S/N:CBB00172-UP     3516     S/N:27Z00845-UP     3512     S/N:PTH00165-UP    
3508B     S/N:S2B00301-UP     3516     S/N:29Z01377-UP     3512B     S/N:FDE00118-UP    
3508B     S/N:S2D00164-UP     3516     S/N:71Z00393-UP     3512B     S/N:PTF00118-UP    
3508B     S/N:S2D00503-UP     3516     S/N:72Z00565-UP     3512B     S/N:PTM00205-UP    
3508B     S/N:S2F00100-UP     3516     S/N:73Z00960-UP     3512B     S/N:ZAH00114-UP    
3508B     S/N:3DM00518-UP     3516B     S/N:B5G00100-UP     3512B     S/N:ZAJ00114-UP    
3508B     S/N:7SM00694-UP     3516B     S/N:PAG00132-UP     3512B     S/N:BLF00149-UP    
3508B     S/N:6PN00813-UP     3516B     S/N:BCK00253-UP     3512B     S/N:BRK00218-UP    
3508B     S/N:5PS00285-UP     3516B     S/N:CAN00111-UP     3512B     S/N:CMC00489-UP    
3508B     S/N:2HW00230-UP     3516B     S/N:CBN00419-UP     3512B     S/N:6GW00610-UP    
3508B     S/N:3DW00189-UP     3516B     S/N:6HN01719-UP     3512C     S/N:RMS00150-UP    
3508B     S/N:BPX00094-UP     3516B     S/N:7RN01938-UP     3516     S/N:8TW00454-UP    
3508B     S/N:1FZ00001-UP     3516B     S/N:9AN00300-UP     3516     S/N:CMD00241-UP    
3508C     S/N:LLC00103-UP     3516B     S/N:S2P00100-UP     3516     S/N:GZR00111-UP    
3508C     S/N:LLE00100-UP     3516B     S/N:S2R00216-UP     3516     S/N:ZAL00114-UP    
3512     S/N:6PM00001-UP     3516B     S/N:PPS00150-UP     3516     S/N:RKT00116-UP    
3512     S/N:49Y01111-UP     3516B     S/N:S2S00227-UP     3516B     S/N:GZT00113-UP    
3512     S/N:50Y01871-UP     3516B     S/N:S2T00100-UP     3516B     S/N:GZX00111-UP    
3512     S/N:51Y00878-UP     3516B     S/N:S2W00100-UP     3516B     S/N:LEK00112-UP    
3512     S/N:24Z10127-UP     3516B     S/N:1NW00145-UP     3516B     S/N:PBR00150-UP    
3512     S/N:65Z01077-UP     3516B     S/N:2FW00308-UP     3516B     S/N:ZAR00114-UP    
3512     S/N:66Z00924-UP     3516B     S/N:2JW00402-UP     3516B     S/N:8NW00510-UP    
3512     S/N:67Z02021-UP     3516B     S/N:4BW00448-UP     3516B     S/N:GAR00111-UP    
3512B     S/N:BRC00151-UP     3516B     S/N:S2X00449-UP     3516B     S/N:FDN00110-UP    
3512B     S/N:2AF00553-UP     3516B     S/N:S2Y00100-UP     3516B     S/N:FDX00209-UP    
3512B     S/N:FFG00001-UP     3516B     S/N:S2Z00118-UP     3516B     S/N:GZS00111-UP    
3512B     S/N:PWG00175-UP     3516B     S/N:CTG00001-UP     3516B     S/N:GZY00109-UP    
3512B     S/N:S2G00100-UP     3516B     S/N:1HZ00001-UP     3516B     S/N:ZAP00114-UP    
3512B     S/N:MKH00100-UP     G3508     S/N:4WD00026-UP     G3508     S/N:CPS00294-UP    
3512B     S/N:S2H00226-UP     G3508     S/N:9TG00521-UP     G3508     S/N:CPY00126-UP    
3512B     S/N:S2J00332-UP     G3508     S/N:2TJ00174-UP     G3508     S/N:CPJ00311-UP    
3512B     S/N:S2K00219-UP     G3512     S/N:5JD00092-UP     G3512     S/N:CRN00127-UP    
3512B     S/N:S2L00491-UP     G3512     S/N:7NJ00892-UP     G3512E     S/N:SSR00150-UP    
3512B     S/N:S2M00100-UP     G3512     S/N:CTM00001-UP     G3516     S/N:ZAZ00114-UP    
3512B     S/N:7HM00241-UP     G3516     S/N:8LD00118-UP     G3516     S/N:CSZ00358-UP    
3512B     S/N:8EM00427-UP     G3516     S/N:4EK05132-UP     G3516     S/N:ZBA00114-UP    
3512B     S/N:8RM00747-UP     G3516     S/N:CTL00001-UP     G3516B     S/N:CSC00139-UP    
3512B     S/N:S2N00100-UP     G3516B     S/N:CTW00001-UP     G3516B     S/N:CME00279-UP    
3512B     S/N:4TN00571-UP     G3516B     S/N:7EZ00304-UP     G3516B     S/N:ZBB00114-UP    
3512B     S/N:1PW00406-UP     3508     S/N:5PW00472-UP     G3516B     S/N:ZBC00114-UP    
3512B     S/N:3ZW00306-UP     3508     S/N:CNF00312-UP     3508B     S/N:BLM00242-UP    
3512B     S/N:4AW00780-UP     3508     S/N:CAW00379-UP     3512B     S/N:6RZ00424-UP    
3512B     S/N:5AW00132-UP     3508B     S/N:5KW00995-UP     3512B     S/N:BNR00306-UP    
    3516B     S/N:BPD01061-UP    

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