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3236810 CONTROL & MTG GP-COMMUNICATION Caterpillar parts 365C L CONTROL
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EXCAVATOR  365C L   Caterpillar
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Illustration 1 g06130857
Block Diagram of the Machine ECM
(1) Switch Panel
(2) Alternator R Terminal
(3) Fuel Level Sensor
(4) Hydraulic Oil Temperature Sensor
(5) Hydraulic Oil Filter Switch
(6) ATCH Hydraulic Oil Filter Switch
(7) Water Separator Level Switch
(8) Fine Swing Switch
(9) Overload Warning Alarm Enable Switch
(10) Action Alarm
(11) Travel Alarm
(12) Fine Swing Solenoid
(13) Heavy Lift Solenoid
(14) Quick Coupler Unlock Solenoid
(15) Machine ECM
(16) Travel Straight Pressure Switch
(17) Thumbwheel RH/LH Switch
(18) Foot Switch
(19) Auxiliary Pedal Electric L/R
(20) Pump 1 Pressure Sensor
(21) Pump 2 Pressure Sensor
(22) NFC 1 Pressure Sensor
(23) NFC 2 Pressure Sensor
(24) Left Travel Pressure Switch
(25) Right Travel Pressure Switch
(26) Implement Pressure Switch
(27) One Touch Low Idle Switch
(28) Key Switch
(29) Hydraulic Lock Cancel Switch
(30) Power Shift Pressure Solenoid
(31) Swing Brake Solenoid
(32) Travel Speed Solenoid
(33) Hydraulic Lock Solenoid
(34) Travel Straight Solenoid
(35) ATCH Stem 1 Extend Solenoid
(36) ATCH Stem 1 Retract Solenoid
(37) ATCH Stem 2 Extend Solenoid
(38) ATCH Stem 2 Retract Solenoid
(39) ATCH Stem 3 Extend Solenoid
(40) ATCH Stem 3 Retract Solenoid
(41) Monitor
(42) Engine ECM
(43) Engine Oil Pressure Sensor
(44) User Defined Shutdown Switch
(45) Engine Speed Sensor 1
(46) Engine Speed Sensor 2
(47) Coolant Temperature Sensor
(48) Fuel Temperature Sensor
(49) Air Inlet Temperature Sensor
(50) Air Cleaner Pressure Sensor
(51) Fuel Pressure Sensor
(52) Engine Oil Level SwitchThe Electronic Control System controls the hydraulic system. Components in the hydraulic system are: the Machine ECM (15), various inputs (switches and sensors), various outputs (solenoid valves), and a monitoring system. The Machine ECM (15) controls Engine Speed, Attachment Actuators, Pump Power Shift Pressure, Hydraulic Flow Limits, and Monitoring System.
Illustration 2 g06130864
Machine ECM
(15) Controller
(53) ConnectorThe output from Machine ECM (15) is based on input information from the sensors. The output commands are based on the software programmed into the control module. After Machine ECM (15) receives the input information, the ECM sends a corresponding response to the outputs. The inputs and outputs of ECM (15) are connected to the machine harness by a 70-pin connector (53). The inputs and outputs to the ECM can be viewed through the Caterpillar Electronic Technician (Cat ET). Input and output information can also be viewed using Operator Monitor (41).The ECM (15) also communicates with sensors and other control modules via the CAN Data Link. Machine ECM (15) also communicates to input and output components that are directly connected to Switch Panel (1). The Switch Panel is used to link input and output components to the Machine ECM via the CAN Data Link.Note: Only the complete ECM is serviced (no lower levels components). The ECM must be replaced if the ECM is damaged. Replace the ECM if a failure is diagnosed.
Illustration 3 g06130868
Operator Monitor and Schematic Symbol
(54) Clock Display Area
(55) Gauge Display Area
(56) Warning Display Area
(57) Information Area
(58) Keypad Guidance AreaThe operator monitor displays various data from the Machine ECM (15) and configures settings.When a machine failure occurs the monitor system displays a warning message and, if applicable, an action lamp and fault alarm. The monitor also displays data concerning recommendations for adjusting the operation of the machine and/or troubleshooting information.Note: Refer to the monitoring system service manual for details.

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365C L Excavator MCY00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C-15 Engine

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