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CONTROL UNIT 3237369 - Caterpillar

3237369 CONTROL UNIT Caterpillar parts CONTROL
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3237369 CONTROL UNIT
Weight: 3 pounds 1 kg.

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Illustration 2 g06323692
View of a menu page with right-side Navigation buttons.
How to Navigate the Information Display
Top-Level Navigation
Illustration 3 g03886211Navigation Buttons
Illustration 4 g03712273Left-Hand Buttons
Illustration 5 g03342291
The Left Payload button. Payload is not available on the 815K and 816K.
Menu Buttons and Menu Button Groups
Illustration 6 g03886232
Menu button Groups
Navigation through menu lists and submenus is possible by using the Menu Button Groups. When pressed, Menu buttons will initially show blue. The button will then be highlighted in yellow to indicate the Display's current selection. A menu button group is accessible by performing one of the following actions:
Directly touching a single button within the group
Using the navigation buttons along the right side of the DisplayTo select the highlighted item, press the "OK" button. On certain machines, if more than four options are available and appear in a Menu Button Group, a non-interactive scroll bar will appear.Scroll Bar/Menu Slider
The scroll bar object is used to navigate between the Main Performance pages. There are two types of scroll bars:
Illustration 7 g06101098
(1) Interactive Scroll BarThe interactive scroll bar (1) distinguishes itself from the non-interactive scroll bar by using an image to show the button characteristic in the Cat® Yellow color.The interactive scroll bar slider is also visually wider and has an expanded (non-visible) activation zone to reduce activation error.The scroll bar slider brings the next page into view by a touch of either the UP Arrow button or the DOWN arrow buttons on the scroll bar.
Illustration 8 g03681871
Illustration 9 g06101102
(2) Non-Interactive Scroll Bar with Slider Indicator
(3) UP Hotkey Arrow button
(4) OK button
(5) DOWN Hotkey Arrow button
(6) BACK buttonThe Non-Interactive Scroll Bar (2) uses only the UP hotkey arrow button (3) and DOWN hotkey arrow button (5) to incrementally make a selection. Selections are made one at a time.Press the OK button (4) to enter the desired page. Press the BACK button (6) to return to the previous menu.Note: The Scroll Bar sliding indicator (center gray box) on either scroll bar cannot be used to drag the page UP or DOWN. The sliding indicator moves in conjunction with pressing either the UP Arrow button or Down Arrow button.Increment and Decrement Bar
Illustration 10 g06101105
(7) "-" button (Decrement)
(8) "+" button (Increment)Increment
Increment a number value by pressing the "+" button (8) on the right end of the Increment/Decrement Bar.
While adjusting, numbers will appear in yellow text. When the desired number appears on the bar, press OK (4) to set the number.
The new number will display in white text. If the number still appears in yellow text after the OK button (4) has been pressed, the new number has not

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