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CONVERSION KIT 3C8105 - Caterpillar

3C8105 CONVERSION KIT Caterpillar parts
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Caterpillar 3C8105 CONVERSION KIT
Weight: 0.93 pounds 0 kg.

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Illustration 5 g01177802
Position housings (8) and (6) on housing (1). Align all three housings. Use the marks that were made during disassembly in order to orient the housings.
Illustration 6 g01192026
(21) 0S-1591 Bolt
Install five bolts (21) .
Ensure that the pump shaft rotates freely when the shaft is turned by hand.Before the pump group can be installed on the engine, the 259-2629 Coupling As must be assembled. Refer to ""Assembly of the Coupling"".Taper Check Procedure
Initial Check
Place the base of the pump shaft on a level surface with the tapered end in the upward position. Place the impeller on the shaft with light pressure of approximately 10 pounds of force.
Grasp the assembly by the impeller and lift.The pump shaft and the impeller must remain together.Check with Prussian Blue
Lightly coat the taper of the impeller with prussian blue. Allow the prussian blue to dry. Place the impeller on the tapered end of the pump shaft.
Remove the impeller without twisting, and examine the pump shaft for the transfer of the prussian blue.Prussian blue should be transfered to at least 75 percent of the taper of the pump shaft. The prussian blue should be transfered for the full length of the taper of the pump shaft at some point on the taper.Assembly of the Coupling
Illustration 7 g01192033
Coupling Assembly (1) Coupler shaft (2) 2H-3738 Bolt (3) 9M-1974 Hard Washer (4) Coupler spring pack (5) 3F-7147 Bolt (6) Drive gear assembly (7) Coupler bearing cap (8) 1A-2343 Bolt (9) 0S-0509 Bolt
Remove bolt (8) from the coupler shaft. Remove coupler bearing cap (7) .
Remove the drive gear assembly (6) from the coupler spring pack (4) by removing 8 bolts (2) and 8 hard washers (3) .
Align 6 holes in coupler spring pack (4) with the 6 holes in coupler shaft (1). Install the coupler spring pack and the coupler shaft to the pump shaft by using 6 bolts (5). Tighten the bolts to 130 20 N m (96 15 lb ft).
Install drive gear assembly (6) to coupler spring pack (4) with 8 bolts (2) and 8 hard washers (3). Tighten the bolts to 30 3 N m (22 2 lb ft).
Install coupler bearing cap (7). Install bolt (8) to coupler shaft (1). Tighten to 30 3 N m (22 2 lb ft).Auxiliary Water Pump - Install
Illustration 8 g01177575
(1) Pump housing (A) Guide studs
Install guide studs (A) .
Illustration 9 g01192043
(2) 1B-2886 Bolt (3) 5P-8245 Hard Washer (4) 6V-7702 O-Ring Seal (5) 259-2629 Coupling As (6) 259-1982 Adapter (7) 1W-0104 Hollow Dowel (8) 6V-3955 O-Ring Seal
Install one of the new O-ring seals (4) for the joint between front housing (1) and adapter (6) .
Install adapter (6) on the guide studs (A) .
Install the other new O-ring seal (4) for the joint between the adapter and the water pump assembly.
Install dowels (7) and seals (8) .
The auxiliary water pump weighs approximately 82.5 kg (182 lb).

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