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COUNTERWEIGHT AS 3727606 - Caterpillar

3727606 COUNTERWEIGHT AS Caterpillar parts 319D L, 319D LN COUNTERWEIGHT
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Caterpillar 3727606 COUNTERWEIGHT AS

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Compatible equipment models: 3727606:

EXCAVATOR  319D L   319D LN   Caterpillar
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Illustration 3 g03394345
Machine component contactEnsure that neither engine or machine components contact any fuel lines. Missing clamps as in Illustration 3 can cause fuel lines to come in contact with other components.
Illustration 4 g03394358
Extensive wearHoses, grommets, and clips are to be inspected regularly, refer to theOperation and Maintenance Manual for intervals. If wear on the hose is present as in Illustration 4, then do not reuse the hose.
Illustration 5 g03394263
Compromised grommetIllustration 5 shows a hose that was not secured properly with the grommet and clip. If the grommet is not aligned properly and fastened, rubbing and abrasion can occur.
Illustration 6 g03422718
Potential contact at fumes disposal tube on D10 rear right sideEnsure that the fumes disposal tube is properly routed and in good shape. Clips for the tube must be factory specified, allowing for proper fit and alignment. Use proper torque procedures and measurements.Solution
Use the following best practices for proper fuel line installation and maintenance.
Do not twist the hose when installing, allow the hose to find the natural position.
Illustration 7 g03422726
(1) Torque wrench (2) Back-up wrench
When torquing hose fittings, use a back-up wrench to prevent twisting as in Illustration 7
Use the proper length of hose to prevent the hose being too tight or slack.
Keep the bending radius of the hose as large as possible to prevent kinking.
Illustration 8 g03422766
Illustration 9 g03422797
Example of proper clip and grommet alignment
Illustration 10 g03422799
Example of proper clip and grommet alignment
Ensure proper alignment of the grommets when installed in the fuel line clips as shown in Illustration 8. Proper alignment of the opening of the grommet with the mating faces of the clips ensures proper clamp load.
Clips should support the natural position of the fuel line and guide routing as in Illustration 9. Clips should not create strain on the fuel hoses.
Use the proper torque to all line fasteners and connectors.
Recheck all fuel lines after completing installation to look for contact with surrounding components. Fuel lines should only be in contact with rubber grommets and at the termination points.Note: All third-party installations must meet prescribed installation guidelines. Third-party components must not come in contact with Caterpillar components.
Inspect fuel lines, grommets, and mounting hardware every 500 hours. Refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual maintenance schedule for replacement intervals of fuel system lines and components.Note: Certain components such as the side covers will need to be removed to conduct a proper inspection of fuel lines and components.The following illustrations below show proper line, clip, and grommet alignment to allow for sufficient clearance from other components. Proper alignment creates gentle bends that guide fuel lines to the termination points.
Illustration 11 g03422773
Illustration 12 g03422777
Illustration 13 g03422778
Illustration 14 g03422779
Do not use a tie strap to connect the fuel and water lines shown above.

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