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COUPLING AS- 3236226 - Caterpillar

3236226 COUPLING AS- Caterpillar parts COUPLING
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Caterpillar 3236226 COUPLING AS-
Weight: 0.28 pounds 0 kg.

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Illustration 3 g06058972
Left Propulsion Hydraulic System in Reverse Travel
(1) Forward solenoid
(2) Reverse solenoid
(3) Metering spool
(4) Servo relief valve
(5) Forward multifunction valve
(6) Pressure limiter
(7) Main relief valve
(8) Makeup valve
(9) Final drive
(10) From auxiliary hydraulic system
(11) Parking brake cylinder
(12) Servo piston
(13) Left propulsion pump
(14) To cooler bypass manifold
(15) From hydraulic tank
(16) Charge pump
(17) Charge relief valve
(18) Reverse multifunction valve
(19) Left propulsion motor
(20) Flushing relief valve
(21) Flushing spool
(22) Shuttle valve
(23) Speed valve
(24) From auxiliary manifold
(25) Servo piston
(26) To cooler bypass manifold
(27) Motor output shaftWhen the machine is traveling forward, forward solenoid (1) is energized. The condition of the forward solenoid is determined by the output signal sent from the transmission ECM. The transmission ECM analyzes input signals to determine the magnitude of the output signal sent to the forward solenoid.Reverse solenoid (2) controls the position of the reverse direction valve. Charge pressure flows across the valve to pilot the position of metering spool (3). When the metering spool moves, charge oil is metered across the spool to the reverse chamber of servo piston (12). The charge oil causes the servo piston to shift. This shift changes the angle of the swashplate in propulsion pump (13). In this case, the pump generates flow in the reverse propulsion circuit.While the machine is traveling in reverse with the brake released, the following occurs:
Reverse multifunction valve (18) limits system pressure.
Oil from the forward circuit flows through flushing spool (21).
Makeup valve (8), in forward multifunction valve (5), allows charge oil to replenish the forward circuit.
Oil from auxiliary system (10) is directed into parking brake cylinder (11). The pressure in the parking brake cylinder overcomes the spring force and the parking brake releases.When the propulsion system is in the travel mode, the transmission ECM energizes the shift solenoid. Oil from auxiliary manifold (24) is directed to the pilot piston of speed valve (23). This oil causes the valve to shift. This shift directs high-pressure circuit oil to the head end of servo piston (25). Since the effective area of the head end of the servo piston is greater than the effective area of the rod end, the piston extends. Under these conditions, the propulsion motor operates at minimum displacement, and the machine operates in the travel-speed range.
Illustration 4 g06081828
Hydraulic Schematic for Parking Brake and Shift Control
(28) Auxiliary manifold
(29) Parking brake valve
(30) Pressure reducing valve
(31) Shift valve
(32) Left motor speed valve
(33) Right motor speed valve
(34) Brake pressure switch
(35) Brake release manifold
(36) Needle valve
(37) From cooler bypass manifold
(38) Hand pump
(39) From mainframe manifold
(40) From auxiliary pump
(41) Left track tension cylinder
(42) Left track tension manifold
(43) Track tension switches
(44) Track tension accumulators
(45) Right track tension manifold
(46) Right track tension cylinder
(47) Right hopper and tow point manifold
(48) To return filter
(49) To screed circuits
(50) Left brake cylinder
(51) Right brake cylinderWhen the engine is operating, the auxiliary pump provides oil to auxiliary manifold (28) and to track tension manifolds (42) and (45). Inside the auxiliary manifold, supply oil flows to pressure reducing valve (30).Downstream from pressure reducing valve (30), oil divides into four branches. One branch

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