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3236234 COUPLING AS- Caterpillar parts COUPLING
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Caterpillar 3236234 COUPLING AS-
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There are some 492-8877 Shipping Skids that were not adequately welded between the engine mount and the engine stand base for Reman engines built between 01 March 2016and 05 April 2016.Table 1 contains the affected engine serial number ranges for this problem.
Table 1
Affected Engine Serial Numbers
S/N:DYA903-933 Solution
Inspect the engine shipping stands for the engine serial numbers listed in Table 1.Note: Each engine stand in the suspected range has a stand serial number. Engine stands without a serial number or not listed in Table 2 are acceptable for use.
Table 2
Stand Part Number Stand Serial Number
492-8877 S/N:A158
492-8877 S/N:A201
492-8877 S/N:A202
492-8877 S/N:A203
492-8877 S/N:A204
492-8877 S/N:A205
492-8877 S/N:A208
492-8877 S/N:A217
492-8877 S/N:A218
492-8877 S/N:A219
492-8877 S/N:A220
492-8877 S/N:A221
492-8877 S/N:A222
492-8877 S/N:A223
492-8877 S/N:A224
492-8877 S/N:A230
492-8877 S/N:A231
492-8877 S/N:A239
492-8877 S/N:A240
492-8877 S/N:A244
492-8877 S/N:A249
492-8877 S/N:A250
492-8877 S/N:A320
492-8877 S/N:A322
492-8877 S/N:A323
492-8877 S/N:A324
Illustration 1 g06083344
Engine stand serial number location
Illustration 2 g06083348
Engine stand serial number location
(1) Engine stand part number
(2) Engine stand serial number
Locate the engine stand part and serial numbers.
Illustration 3 g06083361
(3) Engine clamp
(4) Engine stand base
If the engine stand serial number is found in Table 2, inspect the 4 weld locations shown in Illustration 3. Inspect the welds where engine clamp (3) meets engine stand base (4).
If there is a 25.4 mm (1 in) block as a spacer welded between the engine stand base and the engine clamps, the engine stand is unacceptable.
The engine stand should be removed from use due to inadequate weld penetration.
Use the procedure that follows for any engine stand that has to be removed from service for inadequate weld penetration.
Remove the engine from the suspect engine stand.
Remove the paint and prepare weldment around the joint between the engine clamp to engine stand base.
Fully weld the engine clamp to engine stand base around all four sides.
If a 6.35 mm (0.25 in) plate is present between the engine stand base and 1 in block, fully weld the plate on both sides.
Illustration 4 g06083399
Example of a fully welded engine clamp on 4 sides
Reinstall the engine onto the stand and torque the engine stand clamps to 105 20 N m (77 15 lb ft).

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