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3236971 COVER GP-PROTECTION Caterpillar parts 120M 2 COVER
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Caterpillar 3236971 COVER GP-PROTECTION

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MOTOR GRADER  120M 2   Caterpillar
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Do not perform any procedure in this Reuse and Salvage Guideline until you read this information and you understand this information. On certain C27 and C32 engines the threads in the valve cover base can become damaged. The damaged threads will cause the valve covers to not properly seal and leak oil.References
Reference: Reuse And Salvage Guidelines, SEBF8148, "General Salvage and Reconditioning Techniques"Reference: Special Instruction, SEHS8792, "Using Caterpillar Replacement Thread Inserts"Visual Inspection
Illustration 3 g03733478
Potential affected holes.
Clean the valve cover base and inspect the valve cover bolt threads individually. Look for any damaged threads. If any damaged threads are found, then salvage machining will be necessary.Required Tooling
Table 2
Required Tooling
Qty Part No. Part
1 9U-5057(1) Insert Kit
1 9S-3486 Insert
1 1U-5614 Drill Bit (29/64 Dia)
1 1P-3029 Plug Tap
1 - Standard 13.00 mm (0.50 inch) countersink tool.
(1) Kit contains (8) 9S-3486 Inserts, (1) 9S-3476 Driver, and (1) Special Instruction..Threaded Insert Repair
The salvage machining procedure will include removing the existing threads, counterboring the valve cover base, tapping new threads and installing a threaded insert.
Illustration 4 g03733831
(A) 2.00 mm (0.08 inch)
(B) 13.00 mm (0.51 inch)
(C) 10.50 mm (0.41 inch)
(D) 19.00 mm (0.75 inch)
Illustration 5 g03733785
Removing existing threads.
Remove damaged threads.
Refer to Illustration 4 for dimensional guidance.
Keep drill square to surface of the hole. Use cutting oil and remove old threads with a 1U-5614 Drill Bit (29/64 Dia). Drill approximately 19 mm (0.75 inch) deep into the base.
Illustration 6 g03734018
Cutting the counterbore
Counterbore the hole.
Refer to Illustration 4 for dimensional guidance.
Use cutting oil and a standard 13.00 mm (0.50 inch) countersink tool with an angle from 82 to 100 degrees. Drill approximately 2.00 mm (0.08 inch) deep into the bore.
Illustration 7 g03734028
Cutting new insert threads.
Cut new insert threads.
Use cutting oil and a 1P-3029 Plug Tap to cut new threads into the valve cover base.
Use compressed air and carefully clean the bore free of any remaining chips.
Illustration 8 g03734031
(1) Driver Insert Tool
(2) Insert
Insert Driver
Oil the bottom threads of the driver tool and screw an insert onto the driver. Thread the insert into the prepared bore.
As the flange of the insert is seated into the counterbore, the driver and insert connection will tighten. Use slightly more power and the insert will loosen.
Remove the driver.
Illustration 9 g03734040
Inspect the finished bore for any potential defects.

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