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3727677 COVER AS-SOUND SUPPRESSION Caterpillar parts 324D L, 329D, 329D L COVER
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Weight: 25 pounds 11 kg.

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EXCAVATOR  324D L   329D   329D L   Caterpillar
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Replace the Spin-On Oil Filters
Illustration 4 g00396660
Spin-on oil filters
Remove the spin-on oil filter with a 1U-8760 Chain Wrench.
Illustration 5 g00103713
Mounting base and gasket
Clean the sealing surface of the mounting base. Ensure that all of the old gasket is removed.
Apply clean engine oil to the gasket of the new oil filter.
Do not fill the oil filters with oil before installing them. This oil would not be filtered and could be contaminated. Contaminated oil can cause accelerated wear to engine components.
Place the oil filter in position. Tighten the oil filter until the gasket contacts the base. Tighten the oil filter by hand for an additional 1 full turn (360 degrees). Do not overtighten the oil filter. Fill the Crankcase
Only use oils that are recommended by Caterpillar. For the proper oil to use, refer to this Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Refill Capacities and Recommendations" topic (Maintenance Section).
If the engine is equipped with an auxiliary oil filter system, extra oil must be added when filling the crankcase. If equipped with an auxiliary oil filter system that is not supplied by Caterpillar, follow the recommendations of the OEM.
Engine damage can occur if the crankcase is filled above the "FULL" mark on the oil level gauge (dipstick).An overfull crankcase can cause the crankshaft to dip into the oil. This will reduce the power that is developed and also force air bubbles into the oil. These bubbles (foam) can cause the following problems: reduction of the oil's ability to lubricate, reduction of oil pressure, inadequate cooling, oil blowing out of the crankcase breathers and excessive oil consumption.Excessive oil consumption will cause deposits to form on the pistons and in the combustion chamber. Deposits in the combustion chamber lead to the following problems: guttering of the valves, packing of carbon under the piston rings and wear of the cylinder liner.If the oil level is above the "FULL" mark on the oil level gauge, drain some of the oil immediately.
Remove the oil filler cap. Fill the crankcase through the oil filler tube only. For the amount of oil to use, refer to this Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Refill Capacities and Recommendations" (Maintenance Section). Clean the oil filler cap. Install the oil filler cap.
To prevent crankshaft or bearing damage, crank engine with fuel off to fill all filters before starting.Do Not crank engine for more than 30 seconds.
Close the fuel supply line and crank the engine until the oil pressure gauge indicates 70 kPa (10 psi). Open the fuel supply line. Allow the starting motor to cool for two minutes before cranking again.
Follow this Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Starting The Engine" procedure (Operation Section). Operate the engine at low idle for two minutes. This will ensure that the lubrication system has oil and that the oil filters are filled with oil. Inspect the engine for oil leaks. Ensure that the oil level is at the "FULL" mark on the "LOW IDLE" side of the oil level gauge.
Stop the engine and allow the oil to drain back into the sump

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