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0543468 CYLINDER G Caterpillar parts CYLINDER
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 0543468 CYLINDER G
Weight: 27 pounds 12 kg.

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Spin-On Type Filter
Illustration 1 g06339513
Fully open the engine hood. Secondary fuel filters are on the right side of the machine.
Open or remove right side engine panel.
Remove the fuel filters. Dispose of the used filters properly.
Clean the filter mounting base with a clean, nonflammable solvent. Ensure that the O-ring sealing surface is free of debris.
Lubricate the seal of the new fuel filters with clean diesel fuel. Install the new fuel filters hand tight until the seal of the fuel filter contacts the base. Note the position of the index marks on the filter in relation to a fixed point on the filter base.Note: There are rotation index marks on the fuel filter that are spaced 90 degrees or 1/4 of a turn away from each other. When you tighten the fuel filter, use the rotation index marks as a guide.
Tighten the filter according to the instructions that are printed on the filter. Use the index marks as a guide. For non-Caterpillar filters, use the instructions that are provided with the filter.Note: Use a Cat strap wrench to turn the filter. Ensure that the installation tool does not damage the filter.
Do not fill fuel filters with fuel before installing them. Contaminated fuel will cause accelerated wear to fuel system parts.
Prime the fuel system.Reference: Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Fuel System - Prime" for the correct procedure.
Reinstall the right side engine panel, and fully close the engine hood.Cartridge Type Filter
Fully open the engine hood. The secondary fuel filters are on the right side of the machine.
Clean around the secondary/tertiary fuel filter housings and base. Inspect for any leakage between the filter housings and filter base in the area of the threads. Fuel leakage at this interface may indicate damage or contamination in the threads.
Illustration 2 g06339514
Attach the drain line to drain valve (2) at the bottom of filter housing (1).
Loosen the drain valve and bleed screw to drain fuel from the housing. Catch the fuel in a suitable container.
Tighten the drain valve once fluid flow has stopped.
Swap the drain line to second housing/drain valve and repeat the previous 2 steps to drain the second fuel filter housing.
Hand tighten the second drain valve and bleed screw once fluid flow has stopped.
Use a wrench or strap wrench to loosen and remove the filter housings from the base.Note: The filter elements are retained in the filter housings and will be removed as an assembly.
Remove the old filter elements from the filter housings by loosening the drain valves and unscrewing the filter elements from the housing. A small amount of the residual fuel will remain in the bottom of the housing which must be dumped into a suitable container.
Clean the inside of the filter housings and filter base with a lint free towel. Inspect sealing surfaces of the filter housings and filter base to ensure that no seal material from the old filters is present.
Lubricate the sealing surfaces of the new filter elements with clean diesel fuel. Install the new filters into the filter housings. The

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