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DIFFERENTIAL GP 1400254 - Caterpillar

1400254 DIFFERENTIAL GP Caterpillar parts D350E, D400E DIFFERENTIAL
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1400254 DIFFERENTIAL GP
Weight: 125 pounds 56 kg.

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28 Jan 2019
584 Hundredths Pounds

23 Jan 2019
New Starter for Mercruiser 110 120 140 150 165 OMC 2.5 3.0 3.8 4.3 5.0
Delco1108755, 1108756, 1109486, 1109488, 1109490, 1998317, 1998318 Lester3548, 3550 Mercury Marine50-32703, 50-59799, 50-69863A1, 50-69864A1, 50-76965A4, 50-79821A2, 50-79822A1, 50-79822A2, 50-99417A2, 50-99419A3 OMC981078, 982121, 982200, 983248, 983444, 983790, 985966 PIC Picture ID140-0150, 140-0254 Volvo834893-0, 855326, 855326-5 || Crusader2293.8L/229CI 6-Cyl1980 - 1988 Crusader3055L/305CI 8-Cyl1977 - 1995 Crusader3505.7L/350CI 8-Cyl1977 - 1995 Crusader4547.4L/454CI 8-Cyl1977 - 1988 MercruiserModel 1102.5L/153CI 4-Cyl1992 MercruiserModel 1202.5L/153CI 4-Cyl1964 - 1995 MercruiserModel 1403.2L/194CI 6-Cyl1963 MercruiserModel 1403L/181CI 4-Cyl1968 - 1986 MercruiserModel 1503.8L/230CI 6-Cyl1964 - 1966 MercruiserModel 1654.1L/250CI 6-Cyl1979 - 1982 MercruiserModel 185 || MercruiserModel 2255.4L/327CI 8-Cyl1963 - 1966 MercruiserModel 2285L/305CI 8-Cyl1977 - 1984 MercruiserModel 2305L/305CI 8-Cyl1985 - 1986 MercruiserModel 2505.7L/350CI 8-Cyl1977 MercruiserModel 2605.7L/350CI 8-Cyl1978 - 1986 MercruiserModel 280 TRS5.7L/350CI 8-Cyl1975 - 1976 MercruiserModel 3.03L/181CI 4-Cyl1987 - 1995 MercruiserModel 3.0LX3L/181CI 4-Cyl1987 - 1995 MercruiserModel 300 Tempest5.7L/350CI 8-Cyl1985 - 1986 MercruiserModel 8985L/ || OMC5.0L5L/305CI 8-Cyl1984 - 1985 OMC5.7L5.7L/350CI 8-Cyl1978 - 1985 OMCKW5.7L/350CI 8-Cyl1986 OMCKW5L/305CI 8-Cyl1986 OMCKWB5.7L/350CI 8-Cyl1986 OMCKWB5L/305CI 8-Cyl1986 Pleasurecraft231CI, 3.8L3.8L/231CI 6-Cyl1981 - 1995 Pleasurecraft305CI, 5.0L5L/305CI 8-Cyl1976 - 1995Straight Pad Mount Pleasurecraft350CI, 5.7L5.7L/350CI 8-Cyl1976 - 1995Straight Pad Mount Pleasurecraft454CI, 7.4L7.4L/454CI 8-Cyl1976 - 1995 Thermo Electron2291980 - || Volvo PentaAQ225C8-Cyl1973 - 1986 Volvo PentaAQ225D8-Cyl1973 - 1986 Volvo PentaAQ225F8-Cyl1973 - 1986 Volvo PentaAQ231A8-Cyl1986 - 1989 Volvo PentaAQ231B8-Cyl1986 - 1989 Volvo PentaAQ255A8-Cyl1977 - 1978 Volvo PentaAQ255B8-Cyl1977 - 1978 Volvo PentaAQ260A8-Cyl1978 - 1985 Volvo PentaAQ260B8-Cyl1978 - 1985 Volvo PentaAQ271A8-Cyl1986 - 1989 Volvo PentaAQ271B8-Cyl1986 - 1989 Volvo PentaAQ271C8-Cyl1986 - 1989
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Compatible equipment models: 1400254:

ARTICULATED TRUCK  D350E   D400E   Caterpillar


Personal injury or death could result when towing a disabled machine incorrectly.Block the machine to prevent movement before releasing the brakes. The machine can roll free if it is not blocked.Follow the recommendations below, to properly perform the towing procedure.
These towing instructions are for moving a disabled machine for a short distance at low speed. Move the machine at a speed of 2 km/h (1.2 mph) or less to a convenient location for repair. These instructions are only for emergencies. Always haul the machine if long distance moving is required.Shields must be provided on both machines. This will protect the operator if the tow line breaks or the tow bar breaks.Do not allow an operator to be on the machine that is being towed unless the operator can control the steering and/or the brakes.Before you tow the machine, make sure that the tow line or the tow bar is in good condition. Make sure that the tow line or the tow bar has enough strength for the conditions that are involved. The strength of the tow line or of the tow bar should be at least 150 percent of the gross weight of the towing machine. This pertains to a disabled machine that is stuck in the mud and to towing a disabled machine on a grade.
Illustration 1 g00917058
The tie down locations
Fasten the tow line to the tie down locations on the front yoke (1) when you tow the machine from the front. When you tow the machine from the rear, attach the tow line to the tie down locations on the rear yoke (2).Do not use a chain for pulling a disabled machine. A chain link can break. This may cause personal injury. Use a wire cable with ends that have loops or rings. Place an observer in a safe position in order to watch the pulling procedure. The observer can stop the procedure, if necessary. The procedure should be stopped if the cable starts to break. Also, stop the procedure if the cable starts to unravel. Stop pulling whenever the towing machine moves without moving the towed machine.Keep the tow line angle to a minimum. Do not exceed a 30 degree angle from the straight ahead position.Quick machine movement could overload the tow line or the tow bar. This could cause the tow line or the tow bar to break. Gradual, steady machine movement will be more effective.Normally, the towing machine should be as large as the disabled machine. Make sure that the towing machine has enough brake capacity, enough weight, and enough power. The towing machine must be able to control both machines for the grade that is involved and for the distance that is involved.You must provide sufficient control and sufficient braking when you are moving a disabled machine downhill. This may require a larger towing machine or additional machines that are connected to the rear of the disabled machine. This will prevent the machine from rolling away out of control.All situation requirements cannot be

Caterpillar SIS machinery equipment:

Caterpillar SIS

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
D400E Articulated Truck 2YR00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3406 Engine
D350E Articulated Truck 9LR00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3406 Engine

Parts differential Caterpillar catalog:

D25C, D25D, D30C, D350C, D400, D40D
631E, 631G, 633E II, 637E, 637G
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