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3728166 DISTRIBUTION AR Caterpillar parts 966K DISTRIBUTION
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How Cavitation Occurs
When an engine operates, the cylinder wall flexes (moves). This causes small air bubbles to form on the coolant side. When these bubbles collapse (explode inward), they remove a protective oxide film. Corrosion occurs when this film is removed. Corrosion causes wear and pitting. This pitting is called cavitation. The correct conditioner helps prevent this problem. Once cavitation damage has occured, incorrect levels of cooling system conditioner can cause pitting to get worse. These pits can eventually become holes in the cylinder wall. Holes let coolant into the combustion chamber which can cause major engine damage.
Add Cooling System Conditioner
Cooling system conditioner must be added to the water or the water/antifreeze solution to prevent pitting damage. Most antifreeze solutions do not have enough corrosion inhibitor to prevent this problem. Also, many Original Equipment Manufacturers do not add the correct cooling system conditioner to the cooling systems in their engines. Thus, it is important to check the cooling systems in all new engines. Different tests can be made to check the inhibitor concentration in the coolant mixture.
The L.O.C.C. corporation is equipped to check this concentration.
For more information write:
L.O.C.C. Corporation
905 Bayshore Drive
Coos Bay, OR 97420
Fleetguard Distributors has a 3300846S Test Kit available. For more information write:
Fleetguard Distributors
Cookeville, TN 38501
Remember, it is the user's responsibility to make sure there is cooling system conditioner in the system. He must also make sure that the levels of conditioner are correct. Cooling system conditioner is available in different quantities, as shown in the chart that follows.
Initial Fill
The first time the cooling system is filled, the concentration of conditioner must be 3-6%. This concentration is very important. If the conditioner is too concentrated, an insoluble salt (contaminant) will form. These salts can cause wear on water pump seal surfaces. The chart that follows shows the amount of cooling system conditioner needed for different Caterpillar engine models.
In other engines, use .48 liters (1 pt) of cooling system conditioner per 15 liters (4 gal) of cooling system capacity (3% concentration) the first time the system is filled. Always clean the cooling system before you add cooling system conditioner to a used engine for the first time.
Maintain Correct Levels Of Conditioner
Cooling system conditioner must be added to the cooling system regularly. The corrosion inhibitors which coat (cover) the metal surfaces on the cylinder wall become less effective over a period of time. Add .48 liters (1 pt) of conditioner per 74 liters (20 gal) of cooling system capacity. This should be done at recommended intervals (usually the same as oil change intervals). See the Operation and Maintenance Guide for specific oil change intervals and cooling system conditioner recommendations. Make sure that every time the cooling system is cleaned, cooling system conditioner is added to maintain a 3-6% concentration.
Coolant Conditioner Elements
Coolant conditioner spin-on elements and mounting bases are available from Caterpillar. These elements can be used in place of liquid conditioner. However, coolant conditioner elements and cooling system conditioner liquid should never be used together. There are many

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