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DOOR AS. - 2501158 - Caterpillar

2501158 DOOR AS. - Caterpillar parts DOOR
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Caterpillar 2501158 DOOR AS. -
Weight: 25 pounds 11 kg.

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Safety Section
Personal injury or death can result from sudden work tool movement.Sudden movement of the work tool can cause injury to persons near the work tool.To prevent injury or death, make sure that the area around the work tool is clear of personnel and obstructions before operating the work tool.
Required Parts
Table 1
Parts List for 488-3400 Blade Rake GP Revision -00    
Item     Qty     Part Number    
(1)     1     137-4234 Identification Plate    
(2)     2     331-0287 Pin As    
(3)     1     350-4448 Plate    
(4)     1     488-5810 Rake As-Blade    
(5)     1     488-5812 Plate    
(6)     2     488-5821 Plate As-Hinge    
(7)     1     312-5694 Setscrew    
(8)     2     6V-3823 Bolt    
(9)     2     6V-7687 Locknut    
Illustration 2 g03866927
488-3400 Blade Rake Gp Installation Procedure
Prevent the machine from movement. Park the machine on a level surface. Block the tires.Attach a "Do Not Operate" warning tag or a similar warning tag to the start switch or to the controls before you service the equipment. These warning tags (Special Instruction, SEHS7332) are available from your Caterpillar dealer.Assemble certain components of the rake together prior to welding in order to align and install the blade rake.This procedure will require the installer to fit together and hold multiple, piece parts, to the blade simultaneously. This procedure will require the use of a suitable lifting device or devices to position the parts.
Illustration 3 g03866931
(3) 350-4448 Plate (5) 488-5812 Plate (A) 1073 mm (42.24inch) (B) 1073 mm (42.24inch)
Position plates (3) and (5) on the blade.
Using "E7018" welding electrode or equivalent wire, weld plates (3) and (5) to the blade using a 6 mm (0.24 inch) fillet weld.
Illustration 4 g03866932
(2) 331-0287 Pin As (4) 488-5810 Rake As-Blade (6) 488-5821 Plate As-Hinge (8) 6V-3823 Bolt (9) 6V-7687 Locknut
Attach hinge assembly (6) to the rake assembly (4). Use pin (2), bolt (8), and nut (9) .
Personal injury or death can result from improper lifting or blocking.When a hoist or jack is used to lift any part or component, stand clear of the area. Be sure the hoist or jack has the correct capacity to lift a component. Install blocks or stands before performance of any work under a heavy component.Approximate weights of the components are shown. Clean all surfaces where parts are to be installed.
Position the rake group to the blade assembly by using a suitable lifting device. The approximate weight of the rake group is 618 kg (1362 lb).
Illustration 5 g03866933
(C) 13.5 2 mm (0.5 0.08 inch) (D) 59.1 2 mm (2.3 0.08 inch) (6) 488-5821 Plate As-Hinge
Position hinge plate assemblies (6) on the blade.
Using "E7018" welding electrode or equivalent wire, tack weld the hinge plate assemblies (6) to the blade.
Allow the welded area to

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