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DRIVE AS 2058106 - Caterpillar

2058106 DRIVE AS Caterpillar parts 267, 267B
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Caterpillar 2058106 DRIVE AS
Weight: 3 pounds 1 kg.

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MULTI TERRAIN LOADER  267   267B   Caterpillar
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1. Shift the transmission into first gear.2. Increase the engine speed to high idle.3. Push down and hold in the parking brake knob.4. Steer the machine to an out of the way location.Brake Pedals
Left Brake/Impeller Clutch Pedal (1) - The left brake pedal controls both the brake pressure and the impeller clutch pressure.Depress the left brake pedal part of the way down to reduce the impeller clutch pressure. As the operator pushes the pedal down farther, service brake pressure is increased.This feature allows the operator to control the maximum drivetrain torque. Lowering the maximum drivetrain torque makes more engine power available to the implements and steering.While digging, the operator can use the pedal to reduce drivetrain torque and stop excessive tire slip. When operating on a grade the pedal can be used to reduce machine speed without reducing engine speed. Refer to the SENR5704 Service Manual for calibration of the left pedal. Calibration is necessary to compensate for normal mechanical wear of the left pedal system. Right Brake Pedal (2) - The right brake pedal slows down the machine ground speed for normal braking.Depress the right brake pedal for normal machine braking.Release the pedal to release the brake.Torque Converter Lockup Switch
The lockup clutch is controlled by a switch on the right side console. When the lockup clutch is enabled by the switch, the transmission electronic control module (ECM) determines the engagement of the lockup clutch.The lockup feature provides efficient high speed operation in load and carry or transport.Accelerator Pedal
Accelerator Pedal - The accelerator pedal is located on the floor of the operator's station, at the right.Push down the pedal to increase travel speed.Release the pedal to decrease travel speed.STIC Steering and Transmission Lock Lever
Move the lever to this position to lock the steering and transmission controls in the locked position. Move the lever to this position to unlock the steering and transmission controls.STIC Transmission Direction Control Switch
The transmission direction that is currently in use, F (Forward), N (Neutral) or R (Reverse), is visible on the instrument panel.The STIC transmission direction control switch is located on the STIC steering control lever. F (FORWARD) (1) - Move the bottom of the trigger switch to F (FORWARD). The machine will move in a forward direction. N (NEUTRAL) (2) - The middle position of the trigger switch is N (NEUTRAL). The machine should not move. R (REVERSE) (3) - Move the top of the trigger switch to R (REVERSE). The machine will move in a reverse direction.STIC Transmission Speed Switches
The gear speed that is currently in use is visible on the instrument panel. Push the upshift gear speed switch (1) to shift the machine into the next highest gear. The upshift gear speed switch is located on the STIC control lever.1 - First Speed2 - Second Speed3 - Third SpeedPush the downshift gear speed switch (2) to shift the machine into the next lowest gear. The downshift gear speed switch is located on the STIC control lever.3 - Third Speed2 - Second

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
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