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The sonic feeder sensors should be set perpendicular to the material flow and 30.5 cm (12 inch) to 76 cm (30 inch) away from the material.Step 12
Step 12 is adjusting feeder system controls.
Illustration 17 g03368109
Mix height dial
When the feeder sensors are properly positioned, turn the mix height dial clockwise to about the ten o clock position.
Illustration 18 g03369200Set the ratio controls (9) to 30%.The feeder system controls can be fine-tuned when you start paving.Step 13
Step 13 is filling the auger chamber that is in front of the screed until the chamber is half full.
Illustration 19 g03369217Using the manual override buttons (10) on the operator consoles. Alternately convey and auger material to the auger chamber and out to the ends of the augers.The goal is to fill the auger chamber evenly on both sides. Use one conveyor switch at a time to move out material until the material just touches the auger shaft.
Illustration 20 g03369229Then, use the manual auger button (11) to move material out to the end of the screed. The correct head of material is one that covers one half of the augers.Always fill the auger chamber using the manual mode and be careful not to overfill.Overfilling the auger chamber will result in a bump when starting off the transverse joint.
Illustration 21 g02176100Do not force material out to the end gate, the chamber will probably overfill. Instead, move some material with a shovel to the area in front of the extender.Do not fill in the area next to the main screed and directly in front of the extender. This area will be filled by material automatically as the paver pulls forward off the starting reference.When you have filled the auger chamber exactly half full, put the augers and conveyors in auto mode.Step 14
Step 14 is pulling off the starting reference.Start with the speed control dial set at zero. Make sure that the gear selector is in the PAVE mode, the engine throttle is set at high idle, the parking brakes are released and the propel lever is moved all the way forward.Then, turn the speed control dial clockwise until the calculated paving speed is reached.Screed personnel observe the level of material at the outboard ends of the auger shafts to see if the auger shafts are one half covered.There are individual material height dials on the screed control boxes which are adjusted to control the height of material at the outboard ends.As the paver comes up to speed, the operator should look down at the area in the center of the auger chamber. The goal is to maintain the mix level so one half of the auger shaft is covered.Use the independent left and right feeder ratio controls to adjust the height of the mix in the center.As the paving operation stabilizes, the operator should check the speed of auger rotation. The augers should be turning uniformly in the range of 20-40 rpm.To slow down the augers, the operator turns the ratio control dials clockwise. This action sends more mix to the

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