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1399828 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE Caterpillar parts 3406E ENGINE
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Caterpillar 1399828 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE

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TRUCK ENGINE  3406E   Caterpillar
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Relay Locations (Typical Example)
(3) K7 - fuel control (FCR). (4) K6 - air shutoff (ASR). (5) K1 - 2301 Ramp (2301). (6) K5 - (RR). (7) K2 - fault shutdown (ENFR). (8) K4 - starting motor (SMR). (9) K3 - crank termination (CTR).4. Remove the relay clip and pull the relay straight out.5. Do Relay Performance Test:Check continuity with ohmmeter as follows: A. With no power on terminals 7 and 8, there should be 1 ohm or less between terminals 1 and 5. There should also be 1 ohm or less between terminals 2 and 6. Coil resistance between terminals 7 and 8 should be 140 to 180 ohms.B. Apply 12 volts DC to terminals 7 and 8. Now there should be 1 ohm or less between terminals 3 and 5. There also should be 1 ohm or less between terminals 4 and 6. There should be 100k ohm or more resistance between any other pairs of terminals.6. Replace the relay if it fails this test and put the clip back on.7. Check the connector going from the main housing to the relay PC board to assure that it is still inserted properly.8. If replacing the relay does not fix problem or if the relay is not defective, replace the entire relay module.9. Clean and apply primer (6V1541) to both housings' sealing surface.10. Apply a continuous bead of sealant (6V6640) to the main housing sealing surface.11. Install relay housing (1) on the main housing and fasten with original washers and screws (2).12. Reconnect the wires that were removed.Service Procedure C (Programming The ACM)
The AC meter module (ACM) is factory set to display AC voltages and AC currents as specified by the customer. If the current transformers (CTs) are replaced with CTs having another ratio or if the generator is reconnected for a different voltage, the ACM must be reprogrammed.If the generator set is a rental unit that is frequently reconnected from high to low voltage, use the CTs needed for the high current connection and set the voltage range for the highest voltage expected. This will avoid reprogramming the ACM every time the generator is reconnected.
Location Of Cover
(1) Cover. The ACM can be programmed using two 16 position switches, S2 (2) for voltage and S1 (3) for current, to accommodate various voltmeter ranges and CT ratios. These switches are located under the access cover (1) in the rear of the ACM. The charts show the switch positions that correspond to the different voltmeter ranges and current transformer (CT) ratios used.
Location Of Switches (Typical Example)
(2) S2 switch. (3) S1 switch. (4) R6.Since moisture can be introduced into the ACM when the access cover is removed, it is important to do this in a fairly dry environment. Open this cover in an air conditioned area if relative humidity exceeds 60%. The ACM can be removed from panel for programming. To program, remove cover and turn S1 and S2 to the positions indicated in the table. Be sure that the external

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