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1399873 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE Caterpillar parts C-12 ENGINE
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Caterpillar 1399873 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE

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TRUCK ENGINE  C-12   Caterpillar
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Illustration 1 g03817007
Left Side of Front Drum (1) Port "B" (2) Port "A" (3) Vibratory motor (4) Port "T1" (5) Vibratory speed sensor (6) Return hoseEach drum is equipped with a vibratory motor. Front vibratory motor (3) is located on the left side of the front drum. The rear vibratory motor (not shown) is located on the right side of the rear drum. The front and rear motors are identical. This motor is a piston-type motor with a fixed displacement. Each vibratory motor turns the eccentric weight drive shaft in the corresponding drum when the vibratory system is operating.Rubber isolation mounts dampen the vibration which is transmitted from the drum to the machine when the vibratory system is operating.Each vibratory motor is equipped with speed sensor (5). The speed sensor is mounted to the motor. The speed sensor is a frequency-type device. A gear on the output shaft of the vibratory motor rotates past the tip of the speed sensor. Each time a tooth passes a sensor, an electrical impulse is sent to machine ECM number-two. This information is sent to machine ECM number-one through CAN "0".Machine ECM number-one uses the input from vibratory speed sensor (5) in order to calculate vibratory frequency. Vibratory frequency is shown on the display. Machine ECM number-one also uses input from the vibratory speed sensor in the vibratory control logic. The vibratory system operates using closed-loop logic. The vibratory speed sensor provides the feedback loop required for the closed-loop logic.Each port in the motor housing is identified by a letter or an alpha-numeric designation. The function of each port is as follows:
Port "A" (2) is a system port. When oil is directed into port "A", motor (3) turns clockwise, as viewed from the output shaft end of the motor.
Port "B" (1) is a system port. When oil is directed into port "B", motor (3) turns counterclockwise, as viewed from the output shaft end of the motor.
Port "T1" (4) is one of two case drain ports on vibratory motor (3). Port "T1" is connected to port "T1" of the vibratory and brake control valve. Flushing oil from the vibratory and brake control valve is directed into the vibratory motor case through port "T1".
Port "T2" (not shown) is the second case drain port, and is located on the opposite side of vibratory motor (3). Port "T2" of the motor is the case drain outlet. This port is connected to the return manifold. Return hose (6) is connected to port "T2" through a tee connector (visible in the above illustration).
Illustration 2 g03817003
Motor Cross Section (10) Output shaft (11) Output shaft flange (12) Piston (13) Valve plate (14) Barrel assemblyWhen the vibratory system is operating, the vibratory and brake control valve directs supply oil from the vibratory pump to the motor. Supply oil is directed to the inlet port of valve plate (13). The valve plate directs oil into the piston chamber in barrel assembly (14). This pressure forces pistons (12) that are aligned with the inlet port

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