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ENGINE AR-COMPLETE 2444678 - Caterpillar

2444678 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE Caterpillar parts C7
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Caterpillar 2444678 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE

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TRUCK ENGINE  C7   Caterpillar
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4-1 Preparation
Make the following preparations prior to disassembly:(1) Workbench with vise The workbench must have enough space to place and hold parts during work. Soft jaws are needed for the vise.(2) Tools and supplies Prepare the tools and supplies shown in 3-2.(3) Preferably, compressed air should be available for cleaning and drying.4-2 General Precautions
(1) Use care in handling precision-made parts during work to avoid damage caused by striking other parts or by being dropped.(2) Never strike or prize parts forcibly when they are held fast, so as to prevent damage, burring, oil leakage or lowered performance. Use care and patience.(3) Protect parts from corrosion and dust when disassembly is interrupted for some time. Parts rust easily due to moisture or dust when left disassembled.4-3 Disassembly Procedure
(1) Wind wire rope around swing motor, then use crane to transfer swing motor to cleaning platform. Clean swing motor with kerosene. * Mask all ports with tape to prevent entry of foreign matter inside the swing motor. (2) Dry swing motor with compressed air. (3) Remove plug (464) with offset wrench, then drain hydraulic oil from casing (301). * Use a tray that can hold at least 1 liter (0.264 gal) of hydraulic oil. (4) Remove O-ring (485) from plug (464). * Do not reuse O-ring (485). (5) With output side of drive shaft (101) coming on bottom, place the whole work on the workbench.(6) Remove the crossover relief valve cap with a screwdriver. (7) Loosen crossover relief valve with an offset wrench, then remove from valve casing (303). * Pull straight out so as not to scratch mating surfaces. (8) Remove plug (469) from valve casing (303) with a hexagon socket. (9) Remove spring (355) and plunger (351) from valve casing (303). (10) Remove O-ring (488) from plug (469).* Do not reuse O-ring (488). (11) Loosen hexagon socket bolts (401) and (402) with a hexagon wrench, then remove hexagon socket bolts (401), (402) and valve using (303) from casing (301).* When hexagon socket bolts (401) and (402) are loosened, the spring (114) force causes a gap to occur between casing (301) and valve casing (303). Insert a screwdriver into this gap and remove straight.* Since valve plate (131) is held to valve casing (303) by oil viscosity, use care not to drop.* When calibrating the spring (114) contraction, do it when removing valve casing (303). (12) Reposition the swing motor so it is horizontal.(13) Pull cylinder (111) out straight with respect to drive shaft (101), and piston (121), plate (123) and bushing (113) will come out together with the cylinder. * Since piston (121), plate (123) and bushing (113) are pulled out at the same time, work carefully so as not to scratch them. (14) Reposition the motor so the shaft end of drive shaft (101) comes on top.(15) Remove stopring (432) from the drive shaft with stopring pliers. (16) Remove hexagon socket bolts (403) with a wrench. Remove front cover (304) from casing (301). * Loosening of hexagon socket bolts

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