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ENGINE AR-COMPLETE 2444797 - Caterpillar

2444797 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE Caterpillar parts C7
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Caterpillar 2444797 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE

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TRUCK ENGINE  C7   Caterpillar
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7-1 Storage Of Items
(1) Long-term storage of items is limited to 12 months. As a rule, items stored in excess of this must be overhauled. All seals must be replaced and all parts must be checked for rust or other defects.(2) Store items in a conditions that prevent damage to mating surfaces.(3) Put items into service only after checking for oil leakage from seals and other likely trouble during operation if storage has been for a period of 6 to 12 months.(4) Rust-preventive treatment must be given to all items before storing.(5) Select an appropriate place to store items, such as a dry, clean place that is not exposed to the weather or direct sunlight. Note that items will require overhauling much earlier if stored in unsatisfactory circumstances. 1. Cleaning 1) Remove dust, dirt and moisture with a clean cloth. Take necessary steps to remove rust if items gather rust.2) Use cleaning agent (PS-661) or trichloethylene to completely remove grease.3) Use methyl alcohol or fingerprint remover [MIL-C-5074 (P-0) or equivalent] to remove finger marks and make surface completely clean.4) Clean by brushing or wiping with a cloth.5) Do not attempt to clean coated parts, parts using rubber or other materials or parts affected by solvents.2. Internal rust prevention Clean volatile rust preventive agent (ISO VG32 or equivalent) must be filled and closed with polyethylene plugs to prevent rust due to sweating.3. External rust prevention Protect noncoated parts from rust as follows:1) Apply a coat of rust preventive grease [MIL-G-3278 (P-11) or equivalent] by brushing on mating surfaces and port flanges. Give an even coat of rust-preventive oil [MIL-L-644 (P-9) or equivalent] to other parts.2) Cover finished items with vinyl sheeting or barrier paper (MIL-B-121 or equivalent) after coating with rust preventive compound. Store items in a well-ventilated place. Tape up covers if necessary.3) Remove the cover and wipe off rust preventive grease with a cloth. Use a cleaning agent unlikely to affect rubber or similar materials for removal if necessary.4) Plug into the openings of oil port bushing.5) Be sure to completely discharge nitrogen gas before an accumulator or a minilator is stored.6) Be sure to avoid direct sun light.7-2 Storage Of Parts
(1) Storage of metal parts 1. Rust prevention method Clean parts as shown in paragraph (5) 1 above and apply a coat of rust-preventive grease 1/2MIL-G-3278 (P-11) or equivalent] by brushing. Cover the finished parts with vinyl sheeting or barrier paper (MIL-B-121 or equivalent) after they are coated with rust preventive compound. Tape up covers if necessary.2. Storage method Place antirust treated parts on shelves individually for storage. Never place parts on top of each other for storage.(2) Storage of rubber parts 1. Storage method Store O-rings oil seals and other rubber parts in vinyl bags in a place free from exposure to direct sunlight or high temperature [40°C (104°F) or under] to prevent deterioration.2. Storage period The storage period is limited to maximum of 12 months. Do not use parts stored in excess of 12 months.

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