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FILM-INFORMATION 3728300 - Caterpillar

3728300 FILM-INFORMATION Caterpillar parts C15 FILM
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Caterpillar 3728300 FILM-INFORMATION
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GENERATOR SET  C15   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 3
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Illustration 1 g00758202
Power Train Electronic Control Module (ECM) (1) Connector J1. (2) Connector J2.
Illustration 2 g00538726
Connector for Power Train Electronic Control (3) Screw.Note: To remove the machine harness from the power train ECM, use screw (3) in the center of the connector.
Table 1
40-Pin Connector J1    
Connector Pin (1)    Function    
1     + 24 Volt Supply (Electronic Control Module) (Key ON)    
2     (Negative) Battery    
3     CAT Data Link (Negative)    
4     Number 2 Clutch Solenoid (Reverse)    
5     (Negative) Battery    
6     + 24 Volt Supply ECM Supply (Key ON)    
7     Solenoid Return    
8     Starter Relay Coil    
9     CAT Data Link (Positive)    
10     Number 1 Clutch Solenoid (Forward)    
11     Number 4 Clutch Solenoid (First Speed)    
12     Tong Close Solenoid    
13     Neutral Direction Switch to Ground    
14     Reverse Direction Switch to Ground    
15     Switch and Sensor Ground    
16     Switch and Sensor Ground    
17     Number 3 Clutch Solenoid (Forward)    
18     Grapple Rotate Clockwise Solenoid    
19     N.C. Transmission Upshift Switch    
20     Tong Position Switch OFF    
21     Tong Close Input    
22     Tong Open Input    
23     N.O. Transmission Upshift Switch    
24     Ground for Cable Skidder only    
25     N.C. Transmission Downshift Switch    
26     N.O. Transmission Downshift Switch    
27     Parking Brake ON position    
28     Differential Lock Switch To Battery (+24 Volts)    
30     Forward Switch To Ground    
32     Lockup Enable Switch (Torque Converter Lockup Clutch)    
33     Grapple Rotate Counterclockwise (Switch)    
36     Parking Brake OFF position    
37     Grapple Rotate Switch Input (Clockwise)    
38     Grapple Rotate Switch Input OFF    
39     N.O. Parking Brake Pressure Switch    
40     Key Switch START position (+24 Volts)    
( 1 ) Pins that are not shown are unused.
Table 2
40-Pin Connector J2    
Connector Pin (1)    Function    
1     Number 6 Clutch Solenoid (Third Speed)    
2     Grapple Rotate Counterclockwise (Solenoid)    
3     Solenoid Return    
5     Grapple Auto/Manual Switch (N/C)
7     Number 5 Clutch Solenoid (Second Speed)    
8     Torque Converter Lockup Clutch Solenoid    
11     Grapple Auto/Man Switch (N/O)    
13     Grapple Solenoid Return Relay    
19     Tong Open Solenoid    
23     Engine Speed Return    
24     Transmission Speed Return    
28     Backup Alarm    
29     Engine Speed Signal    
34     Indicator (Torque Converter Lockup Clutch)    
35     Transmission Speed Signal    
37     Differential Lock Solenoid    
38     Tong Pressure Sensor    
( 1 ) Pins that are not shown are not used.

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