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FORK A 0543737 - Caterpillar

0543737 FORK A Caterpillar parts FORK
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Caterpillar 0543737 FORK A
Weight: 4 pounds 1 kg.

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Prior to beginning liftoff dimension measurements, be sure the drive group is completely installed and the bearing pre-load is set. The following steps will establish the correct thickness of shim to maintain the correct liftoff limitation. Read and understand all instructions prior to beginning work. In the case of future changes or upgrades, these instructions are for reference purposes only, and the mechanic should follow their specific Disassembly and Assembly Manual Instructions.Pumps and Motors with Type 1 Barrel
Illustration 2. Type 1 Barrel Assembly.1. Remove all retaining plate screws, retaining plate, and pistons.2. Reinstall center pin (2), spring (1), retaining plate (3), and three screws (4) as shown in Illustration 3.
Illustration 3. (1)Spring(2) Center Pin.(3) Retaining Plate.(4) Screws.3. Select the correct gauge plate (for pump/motor size to be rebuilt) from the tool group, refer to Charts A or B.4. Place three 149-5141 Gauge Balls in the "TOP" of the gauge plate (one in each of the three outer holes) as shown in Illustration 4.
Illustration 4. Place Gauge Balls In Holes Indicated By Arrow. Gauge plates have the part number and the word "TOP" engraved on the upper side.5. To keep the gauge balls from falling out of the gauge plate during installation, press on each one with your thumb or place a small amount of grease in the three tapered holes. Pressing the balls too deeply into the gauge will provide inaccurate measurements.6. Install the gauge plate assembly into the cylinder barrel with the gauge balls facing away from center pin as shown on Illustration 5. Use a small amount of grease to hold the plate assembly in the cylinder barrel.
Illustration 5. Install Gauge Plate Assembly.7. Install the cylinder barrel onto the center pin as shown in Illustration 6.
Illustration 6. Install Cylinder Barrel Onto Center Pin. Do not drop the cylinder barrel onto center pin. this will prematurely crush the gauge balls, causing inaccurate measurements.8. Place valve plate and head group (5) on the drive motor; start all bolts (6) as shown in Illustration 7.
Illustration 7. (5) Valve Plate And Head Group.(6) Bolts.9. Tighten head bolts to the specified torque while turning pump/motor shaft. This process will evenly seat all the pump/motor components.10. Loosen and remove previously installed head bolts, head group, and valve plate from drive motor.11. Remove cylinder barrel from drive motor.12. Remove the gauge plate assembly from cylinder barrel, and carefully wipe off any excess grease from gauge plate assembly.13. Measure the gauge plate assembly thickness (Z) (gauge plate plus crushed gauge ball) as shown in Illustration 8.a. Take one measurement at each gauge ball location.b. Make sure all three values are within 0.05 mm (.002 in); if not, punch out crushed gauge balls from back side of gauge plate and repeat procedure starting at Step 4.
Illustration 8. Measure Thickness (Z) Of Gauge Plate.14. Take the average of the three values and subtract the proper liftoff dimension (see Charts A or B for proper liftoff dimensions). The remaining value is the correct shim thickness that

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