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Caterpillar 0877152 FORK

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Probable Causes
Diagnostic codes
Engine accessories and transmission
ECM parameters
Throttle signal from the throttle position sensor
Air intake and exhaust system
Fuel system inspection
Fuel filters
Low compression (cylinder pressure)
Individual malfunctioning cylindersRecommended Actions
Note: The procedures have been listed in order of probability. Complete the procedures in order.
Table 1
Troubleshooting Test Steps Values Results
1. Diagnostic Codes
A. Establish communication between the electronic service tool and the Electronic Control Module (ECM). Refer to Troubleshooting, "Electronic Service Tools", if necessary.
Diagnostic codes
Result: There are active or logged codes.
Repair: Troubleshoot any codes before continuing with this procedure.
Result: There are no active or logged codes.
Proceed to Test Step 2.
2. Engine Accessories and Transmission
A. Check that the engine accessories and transmission are operating correctly.
B. Remove and inspect any engine accessories that may be adding unexpected load to the engine.
Engine accessories and transmission
Result: The engine accessories and transmission are not OK.
Repair: Make the necessary repairs.
Result: The engine accessories and transmission are OK.
Proceed to Test Step 3.
3. ECM Parameters
A. Use the electronic service tool to verify that the correct engine parameters are being used. Refer to Troubleshooting, "Configuration Parameters" for additional information.
Result: The parameters are not configured correctly.
Repair: Correctly configure the parameters.
Verify that the configuration change eliminated the fault.
Result: The parameters are configured correctly.
Proceed to Test Step 4.
4. Throttle Signal From the Throttle Position Sensor (if equipped)
A. If a fault is suspected in the throttle sensor, refer to Troubleshooting, "Speed Control - Test".
Throttle position sensor faults
Result: The throttle position sensor or the associated wiring is faulty.
Repair: Repair or replace the throttle position sensor or the associated wiring.
Result: The throttle position sensor and the associated wiring are OK.
Proceed to Test Step 5.
5. Air Intake and Exhaust System
A. Check the air filter restriction indicator, if equipped. Clean plugged air filters or replace plugged air filters. Refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual.
B. Check the air inlet and exhaust system for restrictions and/or leaks. Refer to Systems Operation, Testing and Adjusting, "Air Inlet and Exhaust System - Inspect".
Result: The air filter is plugged.
Repair: Clean or replace the air filter. Refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual for further information.
Result: There are restrictions in the air inlet or exhaust system.
Repair: Make the necessary repairs, Verify that the repair eliminated the fault.
Result: There are no restrictions in the air inlet or exhaust system.
Proceed to Test Step 6.
6. Fuel System Inspection
A. Check that the fuel shut-off valve is in the OPEN position.
B. If the temperature is below 0 °C (32 °F), check for solidified fuel (wax).
C. Check for fuel supply lines that are restricted.
D. Check that the low-pressure fuel lines are correctly installed.
E. Check the pressures

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