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GASKET 2H9130 - Caterpillar

2H9130 GASKET Caterpillar parts D337 GASKET
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2H9130 GASKET
Weight: 0.05 pounds 0 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 2H9130:

MARINE ENGINE  D337   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: None
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2. Remove the bolt and retainer (9) (not shown) that hold pin (6) for the rod end of the tilt cylinder to the blade. Remove pin (6). Slide the rod end of tilt cylinder (8) from the blade and remove spacers (7) from each side. Push the tilt cylinder clear of the blade. Cap (11) and bolts (10) can not be removed until the blade is removed from the C-frame.3. Remove bolts (10) from the C-frame. Remove the blade. The weight is 320 Kg (700 lb.). 4. Remove cap (11), shims and bolts (10) from the blade (12). The following steps are for installation of the angling blade group.5. Fasten a hoist to the blade. 6. Put bolts (10) and cap (11) in position on the blade as shown without shims. 7. Put the blade in position and install the four bolts that hold the cap and blade to the C-frame. Tighten the bolts evenly. Measure the gap between cap (11) and C-frame (13). Remove bolts (10) from the C-frame. Install shims between cap (11) and C-frame (13) equal to the gap measured, plus one shim.8. Put blade (12) in position and install bolts (10) that hold cap (11), shims and blade (12) to the C-frame (13). Tighten the bolts in number sequence shown to a torque of 205 14 N m (150 10 lb.ft.). Turn the bolts 120° more.9. Put spacers (7) on each side of the rod end of the tilt cylinder and slide the rod end of tilt cylinder (8) into position on the blade with the spacer.10. Install pin (6) that holds the rod end of the tilt cylinder to the blade. Install the retainer and bolt (9), (not shown) that hold pin (6) for the rod end of the tilt cylinder in place.11. Put spacers (4) on each side of the rod end of the angling cylinders. Put angling cylinders (5) in position in the blade. Install pins (3) that hold the rod end of the angling cylinder in the blade. Install retainers (2) and the bolts (1) that hold pins (3) for the rod end of the angling cylinders in the blade.12. Remove the hoist.

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
D337 MARINE ENGINE 23B00300-00455

Parts gasket Caterpillar catalog:

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D326F, D337, D337F
D326F, D337, D337F
D326F, D337, D337F
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