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GASKET-FLANGE 3791876 - Caterpillar

3791876 GASKET-FLANGE Caterpillar parts GASKET
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Caterpillar 3791876 GASKET-FLANGE
Weight: 0.02 pounds 0 kg.

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3. Disconnect raw water outlet line (1) from pump.4. Attach a hoist to the pump, and remove the pump -to-flywheel housing adapter retaining bolts (2).5. Remove the raw water pump - weight 80 lbs. (36 kg).Install Raw Water Pump
1. Attach a hoist and position the raw water pump on engine. Install the adapter retaining bolts.2. Connect the raw water outlet line to pump.3. Connect the raw water inlet line to pump.Disassemble Raw Water Pump
preparatory step: a) remove raw water pump 1. Remove the raw water outlet chamber (1).2. Remove the raw water inlet elbows (2) and (3).3. Remove the pump-to-flywheel housing adapter (4). 4. Remove the impeller, shaft, and housing assembly (5) from the water pump housing (6).5. Remove the impeller retaining nut (7), washer, and cotter pin. 6. Remove the bearing retainer (8), mounting bolts, and lock.7. Remove the lock nut (9) and lock.8. Tap on the impeller end of shaft with a soft hammer, and remove the impeller from shaft. 9. Remove the spring (10) and seal assembly (11) from the shaft.10. Tap on the impeller end of shaft with a soft hammer, and remove shaft from housing.11. Press the bearing assembly off the shaft.12. Remove the seal ring (12) and rubber cup from the pump housing.13. Remove the lip-type seal from pump housing.14. Remove the O-ring seal from pump housing.Assemble Raw Water Pump
1. Using tool setup (A), install the lip-type seal in impeller housing with lip of seal toward the bearing assembly. Lubricate the lip of seal. 2. Press the bearing assembly (1) on shaft. Install the lock nut and lock. Tighten nut to 65 10 lb. ft. (8,99 1,4 mkg) and bend the lock.3. Position the shaft and bearing assembly in impeller housing, and install the bearing retainer, retaining bolts, and lock. Bend the lock.4. Wet the seal ring, rubber cup, and bore of impeller housing with water. Install rubber cup in housing. Using hand pressure only, install the seal ring inside of rubber cup with the chamfer toward impeller. Make sure that seal ring and rubber cup are seated in housing. 5. Wet the inside diameter of bellows in seal assembly and the shaft of pump with water. Using hand pressure only, press the seal assembly on the shaft until seal assembly contacts seal ring. Install the spring (2) on shaft.6. Position the impeller (3) on shaft. Install the washer and retaining nut. Tighten nut to 30 5 lb. ft. (4,1 0,7 mkg) plus amount to align the cotter pin. Install cotter pin, and bend both legs of pin around the nut.7. Install the O-ring seal on impeller housing. Lubricate the seal, and install the impeller housing in the water pump housing. 8. Position the adapter (4) on water pump, and install retaining bolts. Check the impeller clearance. Clearance between impeller and angle face of pump housing should be .010 .005 in. (0,25 0,13 mm). Install gaskets (5) as required between the impeller housing and the pump

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