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HANDLE TILT 3C8552 - Caterpillar

3C8552 HANDLE TILT Caterpillar parts
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Caterpillar 3C8552 HANDLE TILT
Weight: 0.30 pounds 0 kg.

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Assembly Procedure
Table 1
Required Tools    
Tool    Part Number    Part Description    Qty    
A     6V-6192     Pliers     1    
B     7B-7974     Piston Ring Expander Gp     1    
C     5P-8639     Hydraulic Press (Connecting Rod Bearing)     1    
8F-0024 Hose Assembly     1    
1P-2375 Connecting Coupler     1    
1P-2376 Connecting Coupler     1    
5P-8651 Spacer     1    
5P-8649 Adapter     1    
5P-8650 Bushing Adapter     1    
9U-6600 Hydraulic Pump     1    Note: Prior to removal from the engine, the pistons and connecting rod assemblies were marked. The components must be reassembled together. The components must be installed in the original location in the engine. Do not interchange any of the components.
Keep all parts clean from contaminants.Contaminants may cause rapid wear and shortened component life.
Illustration 1 g01017742
Illustration 2 g01018268
The connecting rod must be heated for the installation of the piston pin bearing. Do not use a torch.
Raise heat on connecting rod (6) along Length (Y) . (Y) Maximum Length for heating the connecting rod ... 95 mm (3.7 inch)
Allow the connecting rod and the bearing to cool to room temperature.
Use Tooling (C) to remove the old bearing and install new bearing (7) at the same time. The adapter of Tooling (C) should make full contact with the surfaces of connecting rod (6) .Note: Orient the bearing joint within 5 degrees of either Location (X) .
Use a pin boring machine to machine the bore of bearing (7) to the correct diameter.Diameter of bearing bore ... 60.035 0.008 mm (2.3636 0.0003 inch)
Illustration 3 g01056145
Position the spring for the oil control piston ring in the oil ring groove in the piston body assembly.
Position oil control piston ring (3) over the spring. Position the oil control piston ring so that the gap is 180 degrees from the joint in the spring. Install the oil control piston ring on the piston with Tooling (B) .
Use Tooling (B) to install intermediate piston ring (2) with the side that has the identification "UP-2" toward the top of the piston.
Use Tooling (B) to install top piston ring (1) with the side that has the identification "UP-1" toward the top of the piston.
Position piston rings (1) , (2) , and (3) so the gaps are 120 degrees from each other.
Check the clearance between the ends of piston rings (1) , (2) , and (3) . Refer to Specifications, "Pistons And Rings".
Position piston body assembly (4) on connecting rod (6) . Apply clean engine oil to connecting rod pin (8) and install the connecting rod pin. Install pin retainer (5) with Tooling (A) .
Install upper

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