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HARNESS AS-ENGINE 4416501 - Caterpillar

4416501 HARNESS AS-ENGINE Caterpillar parts HARNESS
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 4416501 HARNESS AS-ENGINE
Weight: 0.24 pounds 0 kg.

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Illustration 1 g02853057
Location of Piston Pump (work tool) (1) Piston Pump (work tool) (2) Front section of the hydrostatic pump (3) Outlet (4) InletMachines that are equipped with either the high flow XPS or XHP hydraulic system use a piston pump for the work tool hydraulic system. Hydraulic oil for the work tool control valve is supplied by the piston pump (work tool) (1). The piston pump (work tool) (1) is mounted on the front section of the hydrostatic pump (2).
Illustration 2 g02833100
Piston pump (work tool) (5) Head (6) Actuator piston (7) Bias spring (8) Piston (9) Slipper (10) Housing (11) Input shaft (12) Swashplate (13) Slipper retainer (14) Cylinder barrel (15) Cylinder spring (16) Valve plateThe piston pump (work tool) (1) is a variable displacement axial piston pump. The piston pump is controlled by a load sensing line. The pump is used to supply pressure oil to the work tool control valve. The movement of pistons (8) in the pump pulls oil from the hydraulic tank. The pressure oil from the hydraulic pump supplies the work tool control valve.When the engine is in operation and drive shaft (11) is rotating, the components that rotate are cylinder barrel (14), pistons (8), slipper pads (9), and the slipper retainer (13). There are nine piston assemblies in the barrel assembly. The components of the pump that remain are fastened to pump housing (10) .Oil from the hydraulic tank flows into pump head (5) at inlet passage (4). The oil then flows from inlet passage (4) through inlet passages in valve plate (16). When drive shaft (11) turns, the openings of cylinder barrel (14) move toward the inlet passages of valve plate (16) .Each piston (8) inside cylinder barrel (14) is held against swashplate (12) by the slipper retainer (10). Swashplate (12) can be at any angle between the maximum angle and the minimum angle.As pistons (8) follow the angle of swashplate (12), the pistons move in and out of cylinder barrel (14). When pistons (8) move out of cylinder barrel (14), oil is pulled into cylinder barrel (14) .The angle of swashplate (12) determines the amount of oil that

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