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HOSE-REDUCER 1400447 - Caterpillar

1400447 HOSE-REDUCER Caterpillar parts G3406 HOSE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1400447 HOSE-REDUCER
Weight: 0.89 pounds 0 kg.
ID  139.7  mm
LENGTH  90  mm

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Compatible equipment models: 1400447:

GAS ENGINE  G3406   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 6
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Removal Procedure
Table 1
Required Tools
Tool Part Number Part Description Qty
A 439-3939 Link Bracket 4
B 8C-8422 Sealant -
C - Loctite C5A Copper Anti-Seize -
D 5P-0960 Molybdenum Grease - Start By:
Remove the undercarriage frame.
Illustration 1 g00365812
Illustration 2 g00365813
Put an alignment mark on the swing gear and bearing and the undercarriage frame for assembly purposes. Remove bolts (2) and the spacers that hold swing gear and bearing (1) to the undercarriage frame.
Fasten Tooling (A) and a suitable lifting device to swing gear and bearing (1). The bolts and spacers that hold the upper structure to the undercarriage frame can be used to install Tooling (A).
Remove swing gear and bearing (1). The weight of swing gear and bearing (1) is approximately 155 kg (342 lb).
Illustration 3 g03565893
Remove dust seals (3) and (4) from the outer race and the inner race of the swing gear and bearing.
Clean the sealing grooves of the inner race and the outer race with a fine grit sandpaper. Use a cleaning solvent to clean the seal grooves. Be sure that the seal grooves are thoroughly clean and dry prior to installing new dust seals (3) and (4). Installation Procedure
Illustration 4 g03565902
Lay a new dust seal (3) around the inner race to determine the length that is required. Cut dust seal (3) at an angle of 90 degrees. Use a file to smoothen the cross section cut of dust seal (3).
Use Tooling (B) during the installation of new dust seal (3) in the inner race. Be sure that Tooling (B) is applied to the 90 degree cross section cut. Install dust seal (3).
Install a new dust seal (4) in the outer race. Follow the procedure in Steps 1 and 2.
Lubricate the swing gear and bearing with clean grease.
Illustration 5 g01437035
Clean the mating surface for swing gear and bearing (1) on the undercarriage frame. Apply a thin coat of Tooling (B) on the mating surface. Attach Tooling (A) and a suitable lifting device to swing gear and bearing (1). The weight of swing gear and bearing (1) is approximately 155 kg (342 lb). Position swing gear and bearing (1) on the undercarriage frame.
Illustration 6 g00365852
Be sure that Stamp "S" is positioned on the inner race, as shown.
Illustration 7 g00365812
Before assembly, remove compound, oil, and dust from female threads, then apply Tooling (C) to the threads of bolts (2).
Tighten bolts (2) in an alternating sequence to a torque of 90 15 N m (66 11 lb ft). Turn an additional angle of 55 5 degrees. Refer to Service Magazine , M0083843 , "An Improved Bolt Tightening Procedure for the Critical Joints Is Now Used on all Excavators" for more detailed information.
Apply Tooling (D) to swing gear and bearing (1). End By:
Install the undercarriage frame.

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