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2500749 HOSE Caterpillar parts C11, C13 HOSE
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Caterpillar 2500749 HOSE
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TRUCK ENGINE  C11   C13   Caterpillar
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Table 1
"Relief Valve (Swing) - Test and Adjust"
Machine Settings Engine Speed
Engine speed dial "7"
AEC switch OFF
Item Specification Actual
336 / 336GC 336 / 336GC
Right Swing 31400 1000 kPa (4554 145 psi)
Left Swing 31400 1000 kPa (4554 145 psi) Introduction
Two relief valves are located in the head of the swing motor. These relief valves limit the pressure in the left and right swing circuits to the swing relief valve settings. The following procedure will determine if the swing relief valves are out of adjustment.Required Tools
Illustration 1 g01623868
Tooling group "B"
198-4240 Digital Pressure Indicator Gp
Table 2
Tool Item Part Number Description Qty
B 198-4240 Digital Pressure Indicator Gp
B1 198-4234 Indicator 1
B2 198-4239 Pressure Sensor 41,368 kPa (6,000 psi) 1
B3 198-4236 Extension Cable 1 Machine Preparation
Position the machine on level ground and stop the engine.
Release the pressure in the hydraulic system. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "System Pressure Release".
Illustration 2 g06254843
Pump compartment
(1) Pressure tap (delivery pressure for pump 1)
(2) Pressure tap (delivery pressure for pump 2)
Attach a 41,368 kPa (6,000 psi) pressure sensor to pressure tap (2).
Illustration 3 g06197722
Main control valve
(3) Solenoid valve for swing parking brake
(4) Connector
Disconnect connector (4) from the solenoid valve for swing parking brake (3).Test Procedure
Start the engine.
Place the hydraulic activation control lever in the UNLOCKED position.
Increase the hydraulic oil temperature to 55° 5°C (131° 9°F).
Place the machine controls at the following settings: engine speed dial "7" and AEC switch OFF. Refer to Testing and Adjusting, "Engine Performance - Test (Engine Speed)" for engine rpm settings.
Move the swing joystick slowly and ensure that the swing parking brake is operating properly.
Illustration 4 g06254926
Swing motor
(5) Adjustment plug
(6) Locknut
(7) Relief valve (right swing)
(8) Adjustment plug
(9) Locknut
(10) Relief valve (left swing)
Slowly move the swing joystick for a full SWING RIGHT operation and check the pressure for relief valve (7) at pressure tap (2). Refer to Table 1 for swing relief pressure.
Return the joystick to the NEUTRAL position.
Slowly move the swing joystick for a full SWING LEFT operation and check the pressure for relief valve (10) at pressure tap (2). Refer to Table 1 for swing relief pressure.
Return the joystick to the NEUTRAL position.Adjustment Procedure
To adjust the swing relief valve, loosen the locknut and turn the adjustment plug until the pressure reading at pressure tap (2) is within the specification. Turning the adjustment plug clockwise increases the pressure. Turning the adjustment plug counterclockwise decreases the pressure.Note: Always make final pressure adjustments on pressure rise.
Tighten the locknut to a torque of 117 10 N m (85 7 lb ft).

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