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2809486 HOSE AS Caterpillar parts HOSE
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Caterpillar 2809486 HOSE AS

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2 Weld two 8D7729 Bosses (B) to the frame rail at approximately the locations shown and fasten 8V9054 Tube Assembly (17), 8V9056 Tube Assembly (18) and 8V9057 Tube Assembly (19) to the bosses with two 1B3057 Clips (20), 4H3218 Clips (21), 9M7173 Clips (22), S509 Bolts and 5M2894 Washers. Install 6K8077 Unions (23) and (24) on tube (18). Install 6K8077 Union (25) and 5K9894 Connector (26) on tube (17). Install 5K9242 Union (27) and 5K9979 Connector (28) on tube (19). 3 Connect 8V9061 Tube Assembly (29) to union (23). Connect tube (29) to tube (10) with 9S7706 Elbow (30). Connect 8V9058 Tube Assembly (31) to union (25). Connect tube (31) to tube (11) with 6K8077 Union (32). Connect 8V9063 Tube Assembly (33) to union (27). Connect tube (33) to hose (9) with 9S7712 Elbow (34). Fasten hose (9) to an existing bolt with 9V2500 Bracket (35), 6K8178 Clip, two L1351 Bolts and 5P1075 Washers. Fasten tubes (29), (31) and (33) to 8V9097 Strip Assembly (36) with 4B418 Clip (37), 8F1179 Clip (38), 4H3218 Clip (39), S509 Bolt and 5M2894 Washer. Fasten strip (36) to the platform with S509 Bolt and 5M2894 Washer. Install 8V9073 Cover (40) over the air dryer with four L1351 Bolts and 5P1075 Washers.Air Lines (Air Compressor End)
1 Connect 4S7575 Hose Assembly (1) to connector (2), item (26), page 5. Connect hose (1) to 8V9173 Tube Assembly (3) with a 5K9894 Connector. Install 6K8078 Tee (4) on tube (3). Install 6B9664 Valve (5) in tee (4) with a 1H7724 Bushing. Install 5K9244 Elbow (6) in compressor (7) and (8) as shown. Connect 8V9198 Tube Assembly (9) or 8V9172 Tube Assembly (10) to tee (4) and elbow (6). Connect 4S7563 Hose Assembly (11) or 7D5998 Hose Assembly (12) to tube (13) with a 4H553 Fitting and 5K9979 Connector. On machines with compressor (8), install 5H4778 Elbow (14) in the compressor and connect hose (12) to the elbow. 2 On machines with compressor (7), remove the former plug and install 2G7319 Cap (15) and a 2G7334 Gasket where the plug was removed. Install 4S7606 Elbow (16) in cap (15). Connect hose (12) to elbow (16). On all machines, connect 8V9055 Tube Assembly (17) to connector (18), (item 24, page 5). Install 4D487 Check Valve Assembly (19) in the air tank. Install 6K6826 Elbow (20) in valve (19). Connect tube (17) to elbow (20). Fasten tube (3) to the frame rail with 7B1598 Clip (21), 3H2137 Lug, 7F1866 Bolt, 5M2894 Washer and 1D4717 Nut.Electrical Connections
1 Connect 4V321 Wire Assembly (1) to one wire (2) on the dryer element and to a good electrical ground. Put 8V9081 Wire Assembly (3) in position and connect it to wire (4) on the dryer element and to the terminal on engine oil pressure switch (5) that already has two wires connected to it. Install a 2S6024 Fuse in the holder on wire (3) at location (A). Use three 1S9593 Straps (6) to hold wire (3). 3 Install

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